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Audiology continues to provide its service across Berkshire and South Oxfordshire for both the adult and paediatric population. Appointments have been available since early summer 2020 despite the ongoing Covid-19 situation. 

The drop in repairs service is the only notable exception as this has now changed to a new model of access to support patients in a number of ways. If you have a problem with your hearing aids click through to help with hearing aids.

Welcome to Audiology

The Royal Berkshire hospital audiology department provides a comprehensive service that includes assessment and management of hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders.

Our friendly, dedicated staff are committed to providing high-quality care that is evidence-based and centred around your needs.

We are proud to have been awarded by the United Kingdom Accreditation Scheme (UKAS) the Improving Quality in Physiological Services (IQIPS) accreditation for the past six years.

What is audiology?

Audiology is the study of our ears, specifically looking at hearing, tinnitus and balance disorders. The audiology department at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust offers thorough assessment and management of adults and children across Berkshire.

How to get referred to us

Sadly, we are unable to answer questions from patients who have not been referred to the service. This is because it is difficult to provide appropriate advice without a full clinical history and appropriate assessment.

A referral can be made by:

  • Your GP
  • An NHS hospital's Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department
  • A qualified audiologist
  • Social services or sensory needs team
  • A speech and language therapist
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