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Tinnitus Support

Our tinnitus/hearing service is available to patients who require additional support with their hearing loss, help managing bothersome tinnitus or sound sensitivity; or those who have difficulties with sound processing.

Many factors can affect tinnitus perception, whether we notice it or not and how distressed we are by it. It is possible for tinnitus to go from something that is very noticeable and intrusive, to something that is in the background, at times unnoticeable.

For patients referred to audiology with bothersome tinnitus, our aim is to identify the factors with could be contributing to that person's tinnitus, and suggest appropriate interventions.

We use evidence-based interventions including information counselling, sound therapy (including hearing aids and white noise generators), methods of relaxation, wellbeing/stress management advice and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. The actual treatment used depends on the individual, and the factors affecting their tinnitus.

Stress, anxiety or muscle tension can affect how our brain interprets sound, including tinnitus perception. Below we have linked a series of muscle relaxation, breathing and mindfulness-based exercises, which have been recorded by our clinical psychologist:

Protecting Your Ears

Prolonged noise exposure can cause permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. It is important to look after your ears as damage builds up over time and can go unnoticed. 

One way to prevent noise-induced hearing loss is to use ear protection. Ear protection may be in the form of 'off-the-shelf' ear plugs or muffs, or may be customised to your specific ear shape.

Customised ear protection is available for purchase from our department. Items on offer include various levels of noise protection, swim plugs and sleep plugs. Should you wish for further information of this service please email for more information.

Your Appointment

Initial assessment:

If you have been referred to our hearing therapy team by your GP or an ear, nose, throat (ENT) doctor you will be offered a face-to-face appointment initially. This appointment will last approximately one hour and take place at either Townlands Memorial hospital (Henley-on-Thames), Bracknell HealthSpace or West Berkshire Community hospital (Thatcham). Your clinician will complete a baseline assessment of your hearing, and in some cases more specific testing will be performed.

If you have been offered an appointment with our hearing therapy team following a hearing assessment with audiology, this additional assessment will not be required.

Appointment with hearing therapy:

The appointment with your hearing therapy clinician is typically held over the phone or via video call and will last approximately 30 minutes. In certain circumstances face-to-face appointments may be arranged.

Your clinician will take a full clinical history; discussing your symptoms, general health and medical history among other things.