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Breast Screening

Breast Screening means looking for early signs of a breast cancer in healthy women who have no symptoms. Screening for cancer aims to find cancers as early as possible before they cause symptoms. i.e. a lump in the breast.

The UK Breast Screening service programme uses mammograms, which are specialized x-rays of the breast, to screen for breast cancer in women.

Breast screening is currently offered at 3-yearly intervals to women aged from 50 up to their 71st birthday in England.

Women will first be invited for screening within the 3 years after their 50th birthday.

Women may be eligible for breast screening before the age of 50, and/or at different screening intervals, if they have a very high risk of developing breast cancer.

After a mammogram women who have any changes or something unusual on the mammogram are called back for further investigations.

The service is open from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays). If there are any further questions concerning the breast screening service or assessment clinic please contact us.