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86 People
Number of people in A&E department
0:55 Hours
Average wait to be seen by a clinician
2:30 Hours
Average time in the department

Play Team

We are the Play Team and you will always find us wearing purple or child friendly tops.

We are here to keep you busy doing fun things whilst you are in hospital.

Each area has lots of toys, games, and arts and crafts in the playroom. These include painting, sticking, Lego, cars, play kitchen, DS’s and Wii’s. Any of the toys you find in the playroom can go back to your bed/chair with you.

We are also here to prepare you if you are feeling a little bit nervous and distract you with toys, bubbles, books or even an iPad.

When you get here, come and have a look around our playroom and see what you would like to do!

Emergency Department (A&E) Play Team

Coming to A&E can be an unexpected and anxious time - we are here to help you feel less anxious and offer activities to keep you entertained!

If you need to have treatment or a special procedure such as an x-ray, or if you are hurt and need your wound cleaned, we will help you to get ready and will distract you with fun activities like blowing bubbles or reading an exciting book.

Please ask us if you have any questions or would like some activities to do while you are in A&E with us, we are always happy to help!