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86 People
Number of people in A&E department
0:55 Hours
Average wait to be seen by a clinician
2:30 Hours
Average time in the department

Contact details

0118 322 7303


Level 3, Maternity Block
Royal Berkshire Hospital
Craven Road
Berkshire RG1 5AN

Where to give birth

Delivery Suite

Royal Berkshire Hospital

Our delivery suite is an appropriate choice for you if you have a complex pregnancy and need additional monitoring in labour or extra care after birth.

You can choose the delivery suite for your labour if  would like the option of having an epidural, which is a form of pain relief.

Our rooms are design to be as comfortable as possible with equipment to encourage you to move around in labour such as birthing and peanut balls.

Some of our labour rooms also have pools if you wish to have a water birth.