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Breastfeeding gives your baby all the nutrients they need for around the first six months (and it is recommended for longer alongside other foods )

There are many important protective factors in breast milk which help to prevent infections by building babies immune systems. Breast milk is tailor made for the age of your baby and varies for your baby’s ever changing needs. There are many health advantages for both you and your baby, please ask your midwife for more information.

Starting your breastfeeding journey

Starting to think about breastfeeding during  pregnancy can help prepare you for the first few hours after birth. By collecting your colostrum in the last few weeks of pregnancy can help your baby in the first few hours after birth especially  if challenges arise. Ask your midwife about a colostrum pack, so you can prepare and start your breastfeeding journey.

Having skin to skin contact with your baby after birth will help you and your baby to establish breastfeeding and provides a host of benefits, helping you and your baby to  feel calm and connected. Skin to skin contact after birth also initiates strong instinctive behaviours, often allowing the baby self-attach and begin to feed. Watch our video explaining the benefits of skin-to-skin contact.

Tongue-Tie Service

Some babies who have tongue-tie can find it hard to breastfeed, but the presence of this small membrane under the tongue does not always cause restriction or a feeding problem. Often, there are other causes of feeding issues and adjustments to the way you hold your baby at the breast can improve how well your baby feeds and how comfortable it feels for you. 

Your midwife, in the early weeks, or later, your health visitor or GP, will be able to refer you to our tongue-tie service if you are concerned about your baby’s feeding and think they may have tongue-tie.

Breastfeeding support

It can take time to get comfortable and confident with breastfeeding but there are sources of support and information. These resources can be found in the front of your baby’s ‘Red book’

Our community midwifery team and heath visitors will continue to visit you at home and they will give you the support you and your baby need to breastfeed.

There are also local support groups such as Reading NCT and Breastfeeding Berkshire (Wokingham and West Berkshire), West Berks Family Hub can also provide feeding support with experienced volunteers.

There are national breastfeeding helpline also there to provide you support when you need it: