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Bottle feeding

If you are preparing bottle feeds for your baby, you can feed as responsively as possible and this will help to create close and loving bond with your baby.

For responsive bottle feeding, feed your baby when they show signs of being hungry, look for cues such as moving head and mouth around, and sucking on hand. When feeding your baby enjoy holding them, look into their eyes and talk to them as you feed them, will make your baby feel safe and loved.

Your baby will know how much milk they need, or they made need a break showing cues such as turning their head, milk spill from their mouth or stop sucking. Never force a baby to finish a feed as this will be distressing and can mean your baby is overfed.

This video gives a guide to bottle feeding techniques and cues for feeding your baby.


Choosing formula

First milk (first stage or stage 1) should always be used for your baby in the first year and as all infant formula in the UK is strictly regulated, all formula brands are ok to feed your baby. Even more expensive brands still have the same composition as cheaper brands.  For information and advice on choosing formula read here.

Healthy Start vouchers can be used for purchasing formula milk

Bottle feeding charts

Sometimes you might feel unsure and want to know your baby is getting enough food or what to expect from bottle feeding - you can use our feeding charts to check. If you are worried or concerned about your feeding your baby, please talk to us, your health visitor or GP.