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Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic

Autism spectrum disorder is best diagnosed as early as possible; so if you suspect your child may be autistic, it is crucial to seek assessment. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), more commonly known as autism, is a condition that starts in early childhood. Being diagnosed as early as possible can have a significant impact and can help reduce a range of symptoms.

What Can I Expect?

Our Private Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic is for children aged five or under. 

Two separate appointments are offered as part as the package – a 90-minute new appointment, followed by a 30-minute follow-up appointment. The ASD assessment is carried out by our expert consultant, who specialises in ASD, and a speech and language therapist, who is qualified to perform ADOS-2 assessments.

ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-Second Edition) is an activity-based assessment carried out by trained clinicians to evaluate communication skills, social interaction, and imaginative use of materials in individuals who are suspected to have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

They have assessed and treated many children diagnosed with ASD, giving their parents helpful tools and techniques for managing the condition.

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About the Assessment

Prior to the first appointment, our clinicians will obtain information from the child’s home and school to be evaluated beforehand.

A parent interview, an ADOS-2 assessment, and a developmental and cognitive assessment will be carried out in the first appointment. In the second appointment, we will discuss the outcome of the assessment with you and if the child fulfils the criteria, we will confirm a diagnosis.

You will be sent a clinical summary letter after each appointment, which includes a detailed report of the assessment and diagnosis. You should expect to receive the clinical summary letter within two weeks of the first appointment.

Our Clinicians

Dr Aziz Siddiqui

I have been a Consultant Community Paediatrician at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust for the past eight years, and have been practising paediatrics in the NHS for the past twenty years. I am a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and specialise in the assessment, investigation and management of neuro-developmental conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.


For further advice on the booking process, please call the clinical admin team (CAT 7) on 0118 322 7531 Option 1 or email

For medical / clinical information, contact your consultant or one of the ASD Assessment Team via the paediatric clinical admin team (CAT 7).

If you require further guidance on insurers cover and / or payment related questions, contact the Private Patients Team by emailing  or calling us on 0118 322 6765

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