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Level 2, North Block
Royal Berkshire Hospital
Craven Road
Berkshire RG1 5AN

Fracture Liaison Service

The Fracture Liaison Service see fragility fracture patients aged 50 years and over. The service is works to proactively identify patients who have sustained a ‘lower impact fracture’ who may be at increased risk of further fractures in the future.

The service is available for all patients, over 50, who have sustained a fracture (excluding the fingers, toes and skull) where the circumstances of the injury mean that you may not normally expect a broken bone. As reduction in bone strength (known as osteoporosis) has no symptoms other than breaking a bone, all patients sustaining these fractures will be recommended this screening as a precaution.

These patients can be referred for blood tests to screen for many conditions that can have a negative effect on bone health. Patients aged between 50-74 years of age will also be referred for a bone density/DEXA scan to look for signs of Osteoporosis.

Following a diagnosis of osteoporosis, the team will work with patients to create a personalised treatment plan including lifestyle changes and, in some cases, a medication plan. The team can also refer patients for assistance in reducing the likelihood of further falls or regaining confidence following a fracture.