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Smoke Free Site

As a health promoting hospital, we are proud to have signed the Smoke Free pledge to support the health of our patients, staff and visitors by creating a healthy environment. As part of our commitment to the local community the Trust operates a smoke-free policy which means that no smoking (including vapes and e-cigarettes) is allowed anywhere on the Trust grounds both indoors and outdoors. This policy applies to all patients, staff and visitors.  

Tobacco smoking is one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths. Nationally, it leads to over 500,000 hospital admissions each year and more than 4000 premature deaths each year.  

By quitting smoking, you reduce your risk of premature death and can add as much as 10 years to your life expectancy. It also reduces your risk of developing other health conditions including cardiovascular diseases (e.g. strokes, heart attacks etc), cancers and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Stopping smoking also protects those around you from the effects of second-hand smoke. 

There is more information and advice on the 'Quit smoking - Better Health' page of the NHS website.


Help available to you if you want to stop smoking

We understand it is difficult to stop smoking, to help you, we have a range of services available for patients, visitors and staff.



Any patient coming into the hospital as an inpatient will be asked their smoking status. If you smoke, you will be offered very brief advice on quitting smoking. Patients who smoke and are admitted to one of our wards will be offered Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) as well as behavioural support by our in-house tobacco dependency advisors.  

We are a SmokeFree Trust and do not support smoking on our trust sites. We ask you to also refrain from bringing tobacco, tobacco product, lighters or anything used to smoke onto Trust sites.



There are a number of local community services available which provide a free 12-week programme of support tailored to your needs, free nicotine replacement therapy and behavioural therapy. The service you use is dependant on where you live. Please note some areas will allow you to access their service if you work in that area.  

For expectant mothers

Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for you and your baby's health. If you need help to stop smoking, please call our specialist team on 07557 253767 and they will be able to support you.