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Appointment management service

Manage your appointments online or by text message

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with DrDoctor to provide outpatients with an appointment reminder and rebooking service via text message, email and online.

Outpatients will receive reminders by text message and can manage their appointments online by following the link in the text messages or visiting https://nhs.my/royalberkshire.

What can I expect?

Patients will receive new-style text messages via their mobile phone to remind, rebook or cancel their appointment.

Patients will be able to access our online patient portal by following the link included in each text message or email. 

Once online, patients will be able to:

  • Request to rebook or cancel their appointments
  • View location information, including google maps and hospital floorplans to ensure they get to where they need to be at the right time
  • View clinic information about their upcoming appointment
  • Add their appointment to their personal calendar on their phone or e mail calendar
  • View all upcoming appointment details in one place

Patient-Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU) - appointment request service on DrDoctor

Your clinician will have advised you if your condition is now suitable to have your follow-ups via PIFU. You can request follow-up appointment online via our DrDoctor platform for PIFU.

If the speciality dealing with your condition is using DrDoctor PIFU service you will see the PIFU enabled DrDoctor leaflet listed below for your speciality. Please refer to the leaflet for additional details. If you are on the PIFU service with DrDoctor enabled speciality you will have received a welcome text message with a link to your relevant leaflet listed below:

What do I need to do? 

  • Make sure we have your up-to-date mobile number and email address, so we can contact you. Ask the receptionist to check when you are here for your next appointment.
  • If you do not want to use the text messaging or online system, you can continue to be contacted by letter only and can telephone the call centre to rearrange your appointment.


Is it possible to view all my appointments at my hospital in one place?

Yes, by visiting https://nhs.my/royalberkshire you will be able to view your appointments and add them to your personal calendar. 

I am not receiving SMS reminders – should I be?

If we have the most recent mobile number for you then yes, you should be receiving reminders by text message. Go to https://nhs.my/royalberkshire and update your contact details in the settings tab to make sure your details are correct. You can also check that your hospital has the most recent number for you - you will then receive confirmations and reminders for your future radiology appointments.

How can I stop receiving SMS reminders?

You can also personalise your communication by visiting https://nhs.my/royalberkshire and updating your settings. If you do not have access to the internet, you can reply STOP to any message that you receive, which will end text message reminders.

I have a new mobile number – can I update it?

You can update your contact details at https://nhs.my/royalberkshire in the settings menu. If you cannot get online, please let us know at reception the next time you speak to us, and they can update it for you. 

How can I receive email reminders?

You can add your email address at https://nhs.my/royalberkshire in the settings menu to receive email reminders as well as text message reminders. If you cannot get online, please let us know at reception the next time you speak to us, and they can update it for you. 

Does it cost me to reply to the hospital?

Text message replies will be free if you have text message bundle with your provider otherwise you will be charged at your provider’s standard rate. It is also free to change your appointment online using the website link https://nhs.my/royalberkshire

Can I receive email notifications instead?

You can receive email notifications instead of via text message, by changing your reminder settings at https://nhs.my/royalberkshire

Why do you want my mobile number?

Your mobile number will be used to arrange your appointment with us. Our trusted partner – DrDoctor – will send a text message with the details of your appointment, rather than you having to wait to receive it by post. This is part of our commitment to a paperless NHS by 2020.

What is DrDoctor?

DrDoctor is a digital health company modernising how hospitals and patients communicate.  They provide a convenient way for patients to manage their appointments while reducing costs, saving time and developing better overall experiences for patients. 

What if I need to change or cancel my appointment?

Rather than receiving your appointment letter by post, DrDoctor will text you with the details, giving you the option to confirm or change the time and date selected – just follow the instructions provided in the message.

What is on the website link at the end of my text?

The website link will lead you to the patient portal, which will allow you to change your appointment time, and also give you access to maps, what to expect and other information important to your appointment. 

But what about data protection?

DrDoctor and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust take the security of your information very seriously. This Privacy Policy details what information DrDoctor collects, why it is collected, and what is done with it. All data centres are accredited to industry standards.

Manage your appointments by phone

Patients will continue to be able to rebook and cancel their appointments by text message, or over the phone.


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