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Rainbow Day Nursery

The Rainbow Day Nursery is a nursery for children aged between three months and five years old. It is a nursery exclusively for children of parents working at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. The nursery is currently rated 'Good' from OFSTED.

The Rainbow Day Nursery has 59 places and has a waiting list with places being offered on a first come, first serve basis. 

All staff are DBS checked and have undertaken paediatric first aid training. Breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch and high tea are provided by the nursery, who are also able to cater to any dietary requirements. 

Nursery fees are due at the end of every month and can be paid through vouchers, direct from salary, cheque, or bank transfer.


Daily fees

Age Daily Fees
Babies - 3 months to 2 years £65.28
Toddlers - 2 to 3 years £63.55
Big Room - 3 to 5 years £63.24
Babies/Toddlers Half Day (7am-12.30pm/1pm-6pm) £45.00


Fees per calendar month

  1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days
Babies £282.88 £565.76 £848.64 £1131.52
Toddlers £275.38 £550.77 £826.15 £1101.53
Big room £274.04 £548.08 £822.12 £1096.16


Full time nursery fees

Age Full time fees
Babies - 3 months to 2 years £1414.40
Toddlers - 2 to 3 years £1376.92
Big room - 3 to 5 years £1370.20


Financial Support

30 hours funded child care

Some children are entitled to up to 30 hours funded childcare from the term after they turn three years. The 30 hours are for term-time only - as we are open all year round at Rainbow Day Nursery we have stretched this to be 22 hours available per week. This means if your child attends only two days a week then this will be fully funded, if they attended three days a week then you will only need to pay for 8 hours per week. 

To receive this funding you will need to get an eligibility code from HMRC to ensure your child is eligible for the full funding allowance. You can gain access to the funding code via You will need to register on this website and then provide it to the Rainbow Day Nursery - and this code will need to be updated every three months.

Not all children are eligible for the full 30 hours; however, all children are eligible for 15 hours. This would be 12 hours per week. 

Voucher payments

We accept all voucher payments. Please make sure you have registered and set up your vouchers to come to the nursery, and that you release them on time. The NHS use Computershare vouchers, which is no longer available to new parents. Instead the government are now offering a tax-free child care scheme which works in a similar way to vouchers and you can set up your account here: