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Orthotics are an outpatient clinic where patients are assessed by specialist staff for the provision of orthoses.

An orthosis is an external device fitted to the body to support, correct, compensate or accommodate for physical deformity/weakness, skeletal, muscular or neuro muscular abnormalities.

Types of Orthoses


These are transferable from shoe to shoe and only one pair will be supplied. When you feel they are no longer providing adequate support you need to ask your GP to make a new referral for you to see the orthotist.

Surgical/Orthopaedic footwear

Adults are entitled to two functional pairs of shoes; one to wear and one to repair. Only customised footwear or footwear with modified or adapted sole units will be repaired by the department. The responsibility of repairing prescribed footwear lies with you the patient. Subsequent shoes, if required, can be obtained with a referral from your GP. Children are entitled to one pair of shoes which will be replaced with growth.

Shoe adaptions

You are entitled to have three pairs of shoes altered every 12 months. We are happy to have further shoes adapted for you but this will be at your expense.

Ankle Foot Orthoses

You are entitled to one single ankle foot orthoses (AFO) or one pair of AFOs depending on your requirement. For children, these will be replaced with growth. For adults, these can be repaired as required.

Spinal/abdominal supports

You are entitled to two supports; one to wash, one to wear. Once these become worn, you will need to obtain a new referral to obtain a new one.


You are entitled to one helmet, which can be repaired if needed. For children, helmets will be replaced with growth as required.