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Rainbow service

We understand that pregnancy after the loss of a baby can be a very difficult time for families and with parenting needing for extra support as they navigate many mixed emotions.

Our Rainbow service team aim to provide personalised care to each family throughout their pregnancy and as they welcome their new baby into their family. 

The team is made up of a lead consultant obstetrician, fetal medicine specialist and rainbow specialist midwife. They work together in partnership with families and other healthcare professionals, offering pregnancy care to women who have sadly experienced the loss of a baby after 20 weeks gestation in a previous pregnancy or if their baby has died shortly after birth. 

Our Rainbow service care pathway includes dedicated appointments with the rainbow specialist midwife (from booking until the birth of your baby), additional specialist ultrasound scans with our fetal medicine specialist and all obstetric care appointments with our consultant obstetrician. Together we ensure that women and their families are accompanied with clinical expertise, understanding and compassion throughout their pregnancy.

If you would like more information about the Rainbow clinic and the care we offer please contact .