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Work Experience and Shadowing

Work experience gives those interested in a career in the NHS the opportunity to experience what happens in hospitals, to observe the day to day work of NHS staff and gain an insight into the varied job roles vital to the NHS. It will give you an understanding of the attitudes, the behaviours and values that are expected in a healthcare setting.

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust is committed to supporting young people and adults looking to pursue a career in healthcare.

The Trust offers clinical placements, allied health professions placements and non-clinical placements at set times across the academic year.

Year 11 placements

We will be offering some Year 11 placements as group sessions later in the year.    

Year 12/13 placements

For students in year 12/13 we offer the following placements:

Clinical placements are where you get to experience one or more clinical areas and to interact with clinical teams. Places are limited. We will be offering a limited number of one day placements during term times.

Five day placements where you will have the opportunity to experience seven different areas. Placements are on set dates.

*It may also be possible to offer shorter placements in AHP's throughout the year if you have a specific interest in one particular area. If you would like to be considered for this please contact the Widening Participation Officer.

Placements are for 5 days across different areas.

For any enquiries please contact the Widening Participation Officer –   

Oral, Maxillofacial and Orthodontics placements are for two days on prearranged dates. Placements are limited.

Placements in pharmacy are offered twice a year as a group placement for a small number of students.

Midwifery placements are two day placements on set days.

Nursing placements are three day placements. Nursing placements will include experience across three different wards to give you a broader nursing experience. Placements are on set dates.

Placements for pathology are offered as a small group session once a year.

Non clinical placements are across the wider workforce within Royal Berkshire hospital. Placements are for two to five days. If you would like to be considered for a placement, please contact the Widening Participation officer.

Entry requirements for all placements

  • You are considering a career in the area in which you are applying for a placement and can demonstrate this in your application.
  • You are studying at 6th form or college and are achieving the predicted grades required for medical school, university or the professional training qualification required for your career of interest.
  • You are able to attend on the designated placement weeks.

Applications for work experience

To apply for a placement please contact the widening participation officer –  

We are unable to offer longer term placements, or to offer placements to anyone who is not a resident in the Berkshire or surrounding South Oxfordshire area.

Adult placements

The Trust offers placements for adult learners looking to undertake a health qualification and to pursue a career in the NHS. Placements are offered in clinical areas, allied health professions and non-clinical areas.

Adult placements are for a maximum of three days depending on the department you are interested in and their availability. Placements can be arranged throughout the year subject to the department's availability.

For enquiries regarding placements for adults please contact the Widening Participation officer.

To apply for a placement, please complete the application form. Please ensure you send the link for your reference to be completed to your referee).

For any enquiries or applications relating to physiotherapy placements, please contact 

Please note we do receive a high number of requests and cannot guarantee a placement. We are unable to offer longer term placements.

Introduction to medicine day

Each year during the spring term the Trust holds a pre UCAS day for year 12 students considering applying to study medicine.

Applications are open to students from Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Details of the day and how to apply will be sent to local schools closer to the time.

To enquire further please contact the Widening Participation officer.

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