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Hear what colleagues and students have to say

Dr Mairi Buchan - Foundation Year 1 doctor

"I started early as an interim FY1 due to Covid-19 and was placed in the department I was due to start in August (Paediatrics). This allowed myself and colleagues to really learn the job alongside current FY1s and meant a prolonged settling-in period, which was great.

Working during the first and second waves of the pandemic has been difficult, but the support from more senior clinical staff and administrative staff has been fantastic. There have been lots of opportunities to learn, teach, get involved in audits etc despite the current situation. I would highly recommend starting your career as a doctor within RBFT!"

Dr Sneha Singh - Chief Registrar for Emergency Medicine

"Coming from a full time clinical role, I knew little about the other aspects of being a doctor. Taking up this post has given me exposure to the complex management aspects of a hospital. It has also given me the time and resources to develop my leadership skills in preparation for becoming a consultant who is constantly improving self and services, whilst continuing to have an aerial view of the organisation as a whole.

I am involved in making meaningful changes to the routine work done by our amazing colleagues across the hospital. This would not have been possible without the welcoming inclusivity of the Emergency Department. The open and honest work culture, willingness to listen, team-working spirit, and the change embracing attitude is what make the RBH one of the best places to work!"

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