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Therapeutic Radiographer Careers

Serving a community of more than 500,000 people – as part of Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation’s Trust’s Therapeutic Radiography team you will join a small, innovative department which gives you the opportunity to progress quickly in your career. 

Join a supportive department that gives you the opportunity to progress in your career. Benefit from training grants, wellbeing support and chances to develop quickly. Find out more vacancies in Therapeutic Radiography.

Small & Supportive

With forty-four staff within Therapeutic Radiography, we are proud to have a small team that provides staff with the support they need to succeed in their career.

With regular one-to-one meetings, wellbeing conversation opportunities, an open-door policy and regular social events - you will quickly feel part of the team here at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. 

Progress Quickly

As a small team, you will have the chance to experience lots of different aspects of Therapeutic Radiography and move quickly into more senior positions with the department.

Partnered with Macmillan, all staff have access to £1,000 training grants in addition to any Trust funding. Additionally, we have partnerships with the University of Herefordshire and Sheffield Hallam University to provide learners with additional opportunities. 

Innovative and Agile

Our Therapeutic Radiography team punch above their weight - as part of the department you will have the chance to be involved in innovative research and cutting-edge technology. 

Our department was among the first in the UK to implement Surface Guided Radiation Therapy. We also place an emphasis on education with final year students given priority for Junior Radiographer vacancies - allowing us to support and reward our learners. 

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