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Pulmonary Rehabilitation - information for patients

Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR)

  • Improve muscle strength allowing you to breathe more efficiently
  • Improve management of breathlessness
  • Improve fitness levels and confidence with everyday tasks
  • Improve mental health

PR is not designed to cure your condition. It will help you to manage your condition, improve your ability to carry out day to day activities and reduce your risk of being admitted to hospital.


How to be referred
You can be referred to PR via your GP, consultant, physiotherapist or respiratory nurse specialist. Following referral you will be assessed in clinic by physiotherapists running PR to ensure it is a suitable programme for you. Please be aware that there may be a waiting period between clinic and the start of the programme.


Patient Testimonies

"Found the rehab very helpful to understand my needs and control my condition - Group therapy very good"

"An excellent programme of exercises which would benefit anyone with asthma and or bronchiectasis or any other breathing problem. One of the most impressive aspects of the course was Laura’s powers of observation. She has the ability to notice anyone having problems with breathing or an exercise and un-obstructively helps them"

"So glad that I got to do this course, much more confidence in being able to help myself and I have learnt so much about my condition. Excellent staff - thank you so much Laura & Matt. Well worth it"


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