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Physiotherapy inpatients

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Amputee rehabilitation

Amputee patients are initially seen by the physio’s on the ward.  ►

Amputee patients are initially seen by the physio’s on the ward. We then provide a twice weekly outpatient group, which patients attend both once they have been discharged from the hospital and on occasions, when still on the ward as an in patient.


We provide;

  • Education
  • exercise therapy
  • acupuncture (where appropriate)


Patients attend as part of an assessment process to decide if a prosthetic limb is appropriate. If this is the case, the patient will continue to attend the group after receiving their prosthetic limb, with the aim of returning to as full and independent life as possible.

Neuro physiotherapy

We provide support for patients admitted to the Stroke Unit and the Neuro-rehabilitation unit.►

Acute Stroke Unit 

Everyone who is admitted to the stroke unit will have a full assessment from the physiotherapy team on the first full working day (Monday to Friday) after admission, if not on the day of admission. 

The physiotherapy team works closely with:

  • occupational therapists
  • speech therapists
  • nurses
  • doctors. 

We aim to help to begin the process of helping you to improve your levels of function and regain your independence. 

We work towards the N.I.C.E. guidelines for stroke and provide 45 minutes of physiotherapy each working day to those patients who require it. 

Physiotherapy can take place by the bedside, in the treatment room on the ward or in the gym. 

We have strong links with the Early Supported Stroke Discharge to provide ongoing rehab following discharge from hospital


Neuro Rehabilitation Unit (NRU) 

The NRU Physiotherapy team works closely with the OT‘s, Speech Therapists, Nurses, Doctors to carry on the process of improving and maximising their patients' function and regaining their independence. 

If you are admitted to NRU, you will have a full assessment on the first working day. The rehab team will then meet to set some goals for you, which the rehabilitation programmes will help you to achieve. 

Everyone will receive a weekly timetable with their therapy times on, and you are encouraged to be involved in structuring your day and rehab. 

Meetings between the various professions (known as case conferences) are organised to help keep everyone involved up to date with progress and discharge planning. Meetings with your family are also arranged when needed.

Physiotherapy treatments mainly take place in the rehabilitation gym but sessions may occur on the ward, in the hydrotherapy pool and within the community.

We have strong links with community rehabilitation services to support continued rehab on discharge from hospital.


Following the announcement that the hydrotherapy pool would close at the end of March 2017, the Board of the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust has agreed to defer the closure until 30 June 2017. During this period the pool will continue to be fully operational; the Trust will clarify its Clinical and Estates strategies in the relation to the hydrotherapy service and work with local partners to address questions raised by MPs and local patient representative groups. The Trust will also engage with existing users of the facility. At the same time it will work with local Clinical Commissioning Groups, other NHS partners and the local authority to explore future options for the hydrotherapy service.

Surgery physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy surgery team consists of four physiotherapists and one physiotherapy assistant, based in South Block. ►

Our physiotherapy surgery team consists of four physiotherapists and one physiotherapy assistant, based in South Block.  

The team works on:

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and covers
  • Four surgical wards – Hopkins, Dorrell, Heygroves and Trueta.  

On ICU we provide respiratory physiotherapy, and start early rehabilitation to help with recovery post critical illness.  

On the wards the physiotherapists assess and treat patients referred following major surgery or those deemed to have respiratory or mobility issues during their admission.  The team are also responsible for beginning inpatient amputee rehabilitation. 

Medical physiotherapy

Our Medical Physiotherapy team is based in the inpatient therapies department and provides a service to all of the medical wards►

Our Medical Physiotherapy team is based in the Inpatient Therapies Department and provides a service to all of the medical wards, including the following specialities: 

  •         Respiratory
  •         Cardiac
  •         Renal
  •         Gastroenterology
  •         Rheumatology
  •         Oncology
  •         Haematology
  •         On the Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU) 

Our service is offered Mon to Fri 8.30 until 4.30. 

The conditions we treat vary, but we mainly treat mobility and respiratory (breathing) problems using a variety of methods available to us. 

We receive referrals from many different sources, and you will then be assessed by a physiotherapist, usually on the same day as the referral, but always within 24hours, provided the referral is appropriate. 

The Medicine team all work together to obtain the best possible outcome for you, with regular team meetings and discussion. 

We also work closely with our colleagues in the community, referring patients on for further rehabilitation and support in both local community hospitals and the patient’s home when appropriate.

Elderly care physio

It is our aim within the Elderly Care physiotherapy team to enable patients to recover their previous level of function wherever possible. 

It is our aim within the Elderly Care physiotherapy team to help you to recover your previous level of function wherever possible and to prevent deterioration in mobility as a result of a stay in Hospital. 

As a team we always try to provide a friendly service which will benefit all of our patients who need our service. 

We use exercise to improve or maintain activity in our older patients and these are specific to each patient’s needs and condition. 

The team covers 3 general medical wards, an orthopaedic rehabilitation ward as well as seeing patients in our strength and balance group. 

We also run group sessions for people whose balance is compromised as identified in our ‘Falls Clinic’ 

Physiotherapists are also present in the Rapid assessment clinic for older people (RACOP). 

We have  a Wii Fit and use simple games as another means of regaining balance and strength.

T&O physiotherapy

Our Trauma and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy team are responsible for helping to mobilise you following an operation. 

Our Trauma and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy team are responsible for helping to mobilise you following an operation and to help you start your exercises. 

We cover:

  • Trauma wards (Kennet & Loddon)
  • Elective orthopaedic wards (Trueta & Heygroves)
  • Adult and children’s day surgery units
  • Children over the age of 5 following trauma or orthopaedic surgery.

 Our physio teams are based either on the elective orthopaedic wards or the trauma wards and if required elsewhere the nursing staff can call us. 

On discharge from the ward it is also our responsibility to refer you to your local outpatient physiotherapy department for further rehabilitation. 

We also participate in two pre-op educations groups with the nursing staff and occupational therapists;

  1. pre-op total hip replacement group on Tuesdays in Physio East
  2. Total knee replacement group on Fridays. 

Two of our senior Physiotherapists also work as extended scope practioners in orthopaedic clinics where they are responsible for reviewing any patient who has had a Total Knee replacement or Total Hip Replacement.

Women's health 

We offer assessment and treatment during pregnancy and following childbirth. 

The Women’s Health Physiotherapy team consists of 2 physio’s working on the obstetric and gynaecological wards such as Marsh, Hurley, Iffley and Delivery Suite 

We provide post-op advice following major gynaecological surgeries such as:

  • Hysterectomy,
  • Pelvic floor repair
  • TVT
  • Laparotomy. 

We assess and manage women with:

  • pelvic girdle pain (PGP),
  • lower back pain,
  • postnatal perineal tears,
  • postnatal urinary and bowel incontinence 

We provide chest physio following caesarean section. 

We also carry out assessment and treatment of newborn babies with positional talipes.



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