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The primary role of the Pharmacy Department at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust is to care for patients, by providing the right medicines, ensuring their best use, and providing information and advice about medicines to both patients and to the professionals who treat them.

Outpatient dispensing service

This is situated on level 2 on the concourse near the shops, in the Eye Block.

Opening Times

  • Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 6pm

Phone 0118 322 7798 for queries about your clinic medication.

Making the best of your medicines during your in-patient hospital stay

Please bring in all of your medication along with a copy of your repeat medication. This will help us to accurately review and keep you on the best medicine for you.

During your in-patient hospital stay you will have an opportunity to ask the clinical pharmacists about your medication.

Going home

You will have at least two weeks’ worth of medicine unless you are on a short course of medicines, in which case we will give you enough for the course.

The directions on how you should take the medicine will be on the label.

Please take time to read the label and check that you know when to take it and how this will fit into your schedule.

If you have any questions – please ask – we are here to help.

You will also be given a letter that will list your medication and treatment. The next time you go to your chemist take this along so they can update their records.

Ask your pharmacist – for any issues on your medicines!

West Berkshire Formulary

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust Formulary has undergone a makeover and is now available via http://westberks.formulary.co.uk. 

This new website allows you to see the formulary status of any medication in both primary and secondary care. It is a great first stop for drug information.

Medicine Helpline

If you have been an in-patient and have questions about your medicines that you received from the hospital, you can give us a call:

  • Monday – Friday (1pm – 3pm) on 0118 322 7642

Useful contacts

Pharmacy general enquiries

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Tel: 0118 322 7800
Fax: 0118 322 7801


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