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Paediatric diabetes clinic

Regular clinic visits are essential to ensure your child’s continuing good health. The diabetes team includes: doctors, diabetes nurses, diabetes dietitians, a psychologist and the clinic nurses.

Together they are responsible for helping you learn to manage the many different aspects of your child’s condition.

The Paediatric Diabetes Clinic is held in the Children's Clinic on Level 1, at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, every Thursday morning.

The Specialist Team is made up of the following:

Medical team
Dr Chandan Yaliwal – Paediatric Diabetes Consultant
Dr Jo Spinks – Paediatric Diabetes Consultant (Clinical Lead)
Dr Claire Holt – Paediatric Diabetes Consultant
Dr Cathy Golding – Paediatric Diabetes Associate Specialist

Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurses
Andrea Jones (Team Lead)
Ian Lehain 
Sarah Gresty
Boikie Osupeng
Jayne Lewis

Paediatric Diabetes Dietitians
Solenne Guest
Dani Barker

Paediatric Diabetes Psychologist
Dr Ines Banos

In addition there are outpatient clinic nurses, play specialists and clinic receptionists

What happens when you visit the Specialist Paediatric Diabetes Clinic?

Diabetes Clinic visits are an opportunity for you, your child and the Specialist Diabetes Team to discuss any matters related to your child’s diabetes. You will need to visit the clinic at least four times a year as part of your child’s regular diabetes care.


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