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Orthoptic Department

About Orthoptics
Orthoptists are experts in the investigation, diagnosis and management of disorders of binocular vision (such as squint) and visual development. They work closely with patients of all ages to manage various conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye), reading difficulties, squint and double vision.

They will use various treatment methods, such as glasses, eye patches, prisms, exercises and eye drops to treat these conditions.

The orthoptists work both independently and closely alongside ophthalmologists (eye doctors) and optometrists to manage a patient’s condition.

Orthoptists at The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust also work in extended role clinics with ophthalmologists, diagnosing and managing patients with glaucoma, or age-related macular degeneration. They also play a key role in working with low vision patients alongside our Eye Clinic Liaison Officers.

In addition, the Orthoptic department provides technical assessments such as visual field tests, OCT scans, imaging and corneal topography (mapping).

More information about orthoptics can be found via the British and Irish Orthoptic Society webpage www.orthoptics.org.uk

Where do we work?
Services are provided across the county, mainly at The Royal Berkshire in Reading and Prince Charles Eye Unit in Windsor, as well as at our satellite sites in Bracknell, Newbury and Henley-on-Thames.

The orthoptic service is provided by appointment only, however urgent eye problems can attend eye casualty at The Royal Berkshire or Prince Charles Eye Unit and may see an orthoptist on the same day to diagnose their condition.

You can be referred to the orthoptists by your GP. We also accept referrals from the neurology, endocrinology, maxillofacial surgery, stroke and oncology services.

Vision Screening
Vision screening is undertaken by orthoptists within mainstream and special schools, at reception age, in line with the recommendations of the National Screening Committee within West Berkshire, Reading and Wokingham.

The Orthoptic department also manages the optometry service provided by the Trust. Our team of highly skilled optometrists provide glasses tests to children, complex contact lens appointments, as well as working in extended role services.

The Orthoptic Department at the Royal Berkshire Hospital is an accredited site for clinical placements for orthoptic undergraduates from Sheffield and Liverpool Universities.

How to find us (Royal Berkshire Hospital)
The Orthoptic Department at The Royal Berkshire Hospital is located in Eye Block opposite the Eye Clinic. Park in the multi-storey car park in Craven Road. Join the Main Entrance Block at level 2. Turn right past the main reception and pass the shops and café. At the welcome desk turn immediately right and take the stairs. The Orthoptic Department is immediately on the right.

The Team:

Head Orthoptist
Greg Richardson

Deputy Head Orthoptist
Vicki Sandford


Fariha Abbasi
Gemma Blake
Hannah Bolton
Marianne Burgess
Myra Buckley
Arinder Channa
Jane Doran
Anna Horwood
Mel Joyce
Jess Marley
Sarah Orme
Emma Pennington 
Lindsay Slade
Gillian Smith 
Jane Tapley


Stephen Abery
Gurveen Bancil
Rajni Chhabra
Rebecca Hall

Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs)
Sonya Nikchevska
Sarah Short

Ophthalmic Technicians (PCEU)
Tina Cross
Candice Hunter

Medical Photographer (PCEU)
Irina Gout


Receptionist: Jennie Goddard:
Receptionist: Kim King
Patient Pathway Coordinator: Milly Bakermault
Assistant Patient Pathway Coordinator: Elaine Cottam (PCEU)


Contact details


Royal Berkshire Hospital
0118 322 7681 
Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm
(Reading, Bracknell, Henley & Wallingford)

RBH - Orthoptics 
Level 2, Eye Block
Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
London Road, Reading RG1 5AN

Bracknell - Orthoptics
Ground Floor, Bracknell Clinic
Royal Berkshire Bracknell Health Space
Eastern Gate
Brants Bridge, Bracknell RG12 9RT

Henley - Townlands Memorial Hospital
York Road
Henley On Thames RG9 2EB

Wallingford- Outpatient Department
Wallingford Community Hospital
Reading Road
OX10 9DU

Prince Charles Eye Unit: 01753 636431 
(Windsor & St Marks) 
Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm

King Edward VII Hospital
St Leonards Road
Windsor SL4 3DP

West Berkshire Hospital
01635 273460 
Monday-Thursday 8.30am-4.30pm
West Berkshire Community Hospital
London Road, Benham

St Marks – Outpatients Department
St Marks Hospital
112 St Marks Road
Maidenhead SL6 6DU



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