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Children's A&E


The Accident and Emergency unit is where babies, children and teenagers go if they are hurt or unwell. Sometimes children come to us after been sent by their doctor, or if they need to be seen very very quickly they may come by ambulance.

Childrens AE

What should I bring?

Red book

If you are under five years old please bring your Red Book with you.


You may want to bring a favourite toy, book,  or game.


You may want to bring some snacks or drinks, especially if you have a special diet.


If you usually take medicine you should bring this too.


If you usually wear a hearing aid or glasses you should bring this too.


What is it like?

The Children's A&E unit is a bright and colourful place with lots of toys, books and games. You will sometimes need to have special medicine or tests to help make you better.

You may have tests like these:

  • A doctor or nurse may listen to your heart
  • You may have a picture taken by a special x-ray machine or an ultrasound machine.
  • Sometimes the doctor or nurse will need to take a little bit of blood, poo or wee to test
  • You may have your temperature taken with a thermometer

We will do our very best to make sure you are not waiting too long to be seen, but if we are very busy and you are not too hurt or ill, you may have to wait a little bit longer.




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