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Level 4 Maternity (Marsh & Iffley Wards)

Welcome to Level 4 Maternity.  

We look after postnatal women and their babies, plus outpatient postnatal women whose babies are on Buscot Ward.


Ward visiting hours:  8am - 10pm (partner/supporter and siblings only

Open visiting:  2pm - 3pm & 7pm - 8pm (strictly no children under 16 years of age other than siblings please

Number of visitors allowed:  No more than three visitors at bedside (including partner)

Please note that due to possible latex allergies of patients, visitors and staff, visitors to the maternity wards are asked only to bring foil balloons as gifts; latex balloons are not acceptable.


Park in multi-storey car park in Craven Road. From multi-storey car park either walk along Craven Road to Maternity Unit or exit car park on Level 2 and follow signs to Maternity Unit. Take lift or stairs in Maternity Unit to Level 4.

Staff details

Ward Manager: Milica Redfearn
Matron: Sarah Bailey 
Director of Midwifery: Gill Valentine

Any other information

Following the birth of your baby you will be cared for by the staff on level 4. Our postnatal team are there to support you in the early postnatal period and will monitor the health of you and your baby. They will provide support for your chosen method of feeding.

A mother's older children are welcome to visit, but unfortunately we are unable to allow other children (nephews, nieces, friends etc.) to visit whilst in hospital as  this is to reduce the risk of infection for newborn babies.

Only three visitors at the bedside at any one time please, so that we can maintain a calm, supporting environment. We kindly ask that you adhere to our visiting as stated above.

Most of our accommodation on the wards  are 4 bedded bays and we will do our best to maintain your privacy and dignity at all times.

We will encourage you to go home from the birth area or early discharge lounge (between 2-24 hrs) if both you and your baby are well following birth.

We also care for  antenatal women who require hospital admission prior to labour and operate a transitional care bay as well as offering an early discharge service for mums and babies.

Nearby facilities

There is a patient kitchen available with drinks available 24 hours and vending machines by the lifts on level 2. Patients may bring in their own food and take-away if they wish.

Facility for parents to make drinks in family room. Cold water dispenser on Unit.

  • Convenience store (Main Entrance Block)
  • Coffee bar (Main Entrance Block)
  • Restaurant on level 1 (South Block)
  • League of Friends shop and tea bar (Maternity Block)

Useful Contacts

Level 4 Maternity Block
Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
Craven Road

0118 322 7319 / 7288

0118 322 7323


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    London Road,
    RG1 5AN
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