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Intensive Care Unit


Critical Care Medicine

The critical care service provides care to the most acutely unwell patients within the Trust. As well as the ICU, the department provides an Outreach service to the wards, transfers to specialist centres, Rehabilitation after Critical Illness (RaCI), a bereavement service and one of the busiest ICU research teams in the country. The ICU is based on level 3 of South Block. Our aim is to provide the best possible care to all our patients, their relatives and visitors. Working together to provide outstanding critical care for our community.


The critical care area has 19 bed spaces across two areas. The unit is open plan. We do not have separate male and female sections but every effort is made to ensure privacy and dignity is maintained.


On your first visit to the unit please ring the bell in the relatives waiting area. A member of staff will then escort you into the department.

You must use the hand foam on your hands before and after visiting your relative or friend in order to minimise the spread of infections. These can be found at each entrance/exit and at every bedspace. Flowers are not allowed on the unit for control of infection reasons.

Do not visit the ICU if you are ill, have an infection or have recently had diarrhoea or vomiting. Please wait 48 hours following your last bout of diarrhoea or vomiting before visiting again.

Patients have a rest period from 3.00pm – 4.30pm and we would ask you, if possible, not to visit the unit at this time. If this is a problem please speak to the nursing staff.


Please feel free to contact us at any time. However, we would appreciate you nominating one member of the family to phone for a progress report.


We do not allow relatives or friends to take photographs of patients, as this is a breach of individuals' right to privacy and confidentiality.

Mobile phones

Please do not use mobile phones in the unit. Patients and visitors can use mobile phones in public and communal areas but please be sensitive to the needs of others when using your phone. Phone cameras are not to be used for breach of privacy reasons as stated above.


How to get here

Multi-storey: take the stairs or lift to level 2. Go through Main Entrance building into Centre Block, turn left at the Welcomers desk into Centre Block and carry up the corridor following signs to South Block. Take the lift to level 3.

Staff details

Matron: Angela Forster

Lead Nurse: Richard Myers

Consultants: Dr Carl Waldmann, Dr Tim Parke, Dr Chris Danbury, Dr Jerome Cockings, Dr Ian Rechner, Dr Liza Keating, Dr David Mossop, Dr Andy Walden, Dr Tim McErlane, Dr Andrew Jacques, Dr Matthew Frise, Dr Jodie Smythe and Nurse Consultant Melanie Gager

Sisters: Sheila Hill, Heather Prowse, Helen Spicer, Helen McCarthy, Nicky Davies, Rachel Crisford, Lindsay Franklin, Ria McMullen, Emma Nebi and Charge Nurse Dariusz Pabianczyk

Any other information

Close relatives of critically ill patients are eligible for a free parking permit on a ‘one per patient’ basis. Please ask the nurse in charge or Ward clerk for an application to complete and take to security (main reception level 2).

Useful contacts

Intensive Care Unit
Level 3, South Block
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London Road
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Beds 1-9: 0118 322 7257 or 0118 322 7103

Beds 10-19: 0118 322 8498


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