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HIV clinic

COVID Update (January 2021)

If you are HIV positive, please note that you do not need to shield unless your CD4 count is below 50. This is according to the British HIV Association (BHIVA) guidance (https://www.bhiva.org/SARS-CoV-2-vaccine-advice-for-adults-living-with-HIV-plain-english-version). The Florey clinic do not send out letters about shielding but your GP may do this.

If you are HIV positive you can have either of the approved vaccinations that prevent infection of SARs-CoV-2 which is the virus that causes COVID-19. Please note the vaccine is currently only available via your GP and cannot be obtained from the Florey Clinic. The UK is vaccinating priority groups 1 – 4.

Stable HIV patient on medication with a CD4 count above 50 have a similar risk of COVID-19 as the rest of the population and do not fall into priority groups 1-4 unless you are aged over 75 years of age or you have other co-morbidities. If your GP does not know your HIV status you will not be offered the vaccine until your priority group comes up (For most HIV patients this will most likely be priority group 6). The only way to get the vaccine when it is available will be to notify your GP of your HIV status, otherwise you will have to wait when all other priority groups are requested to attend for their vaccination.

If you already have an appointment booked in with us, then this appointment will continue as normal unless the Florey clinic contacts you to delay the appointment. Most appointments will be via the telephone. For blood test appointments please attend in the usual way. Some appointments will be delayed but if you have not had a blood test within the last 12 months then please attend your blood test appointment in the usual way unless we contact you or please rearrange if you are unable to make it.

Florey unit 

At the Florey unit we provide ongoing care and support for people living with HIV.

If you are newly diagnosed please come to our walk in clinic or contact the clinic on 0118 322 7202 to arrange an appointment.

If you are currently receiving care at another clinic and would like to transfer your care please contact the clinic to make an appointment. It would really help us to have your full medical history from your last clinic so please ask them to send us a letter with your medical history.

Our HIV team is made up of HIV doctors, specialist nurses, health advisors and a dietitian. You can speak with any of the team; we offer confidential support, advice and information on all aspects of HIV and treatment to anyone infected or affected by HIV.

Please feel free to contact the clinic, between Monday and Friday, if you have any concerns, queries or questions before your appointment and thereafter.

You can contact the specialist nurses Lyndsay Harris on 0118 322 7223.

Health Advisers also offer support and advice on HIV and sexual health generally, particularly for issues surrounding partner testing and for checking test results. They can be contacted on 0118 322 7202

For GP’s and other providers who need advice on HIV please email the HIV doctors team, rbft.triageflorey@nhs.net or leave a message with the Nurse Specialists on 0118 322 7223.

For more information on HIV and services available to you please visit these websites:



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