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Hearing aid repairs

Audiology repairs   June 2020

Hearing aid repairs                                                             

Due to the on-going Covid-19 situation, in order to keep our patients and staff safe, audiology is providing a modified service. As such it has been necessary to suspend the audiology drop-in repair service at all sites. However there are a number of alternative options, should you experience problems with your hearing aids.

Self help
At your fitting appointment you should have received a blue booklet titled ‘Your hearing aid’; this booklet provides comprehensive hearing aid self-help and troubleshooting information. It may be that the issue with your hearing aid could be resolved quite easily at home. If you do not have a copy of this booklet click here to access the PDF version.

We have also produced a video covering hearing aid maintenance and troubleshooting, which is available on our YouTube channel (on YouTube search for Royal Berkshire Audiology).

‘C2hear’ is another YouTube channel that has many helpful resources for hearing aid care and maintenance.

Accessing service

If, after following the above advice, you are still having problems with your hearing aids, the following options are available.


We continue to provide a postal repairs service, for this you should include:

  • A stamped, addressed envelope
  • Your name and contact details
  • Information about the fault

Please note that we cannot accept hearing aids delivered in person.


You can contact us by email on Audiology.Repair@RoyalBerkshire.nhs.uk 


You can also contact us via phone on 0118 322 8219/8637 in order to speak to a clinician who will facilitate the support required.

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