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Welcome to the department

The Haematology Department provides services to a population across Berkshire and areas of South Oxfordshire.

We provide blood transfusions, blood product support, blood tests, different infusions (depending on your haematology condition), venesection service, chemotherapy, and palliative care services.

The department provides dedicated oncology/haematology care in patient ward (Adelaide Ward), a specialist haematology outpatients ward (West Ward) and outpatient clinics (Outpatients 1&2).


The outpatient department see patients diagnosed with a range of malignant and non malignant conditions. This would include :

  • Malignant conditions: Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, Myelodysplasia etc.
  • Non-malignant conditions: Haemachromatosis, Polycythaemia, Thalassaemia etc.

Patients are referred to the outpatients department when a suspected haematology condition needs addressing.

The outpatient day unit West Ward runs Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm.

How to get here

West Ward is based upstairs from the Berkshire Cancer Centre in North Block. Outpatient clinics are based in Outpatient 1 and 2 in South Block. Adelaide Ward is based on level 2 in Battle Block.

Staff details

Consultants / Specialists: Dr. H. Grech; Dr. R. Sampson; Dr. S. Mucklow

The consultants are supported by a team of medical and nursing specialists as well as by healthcare assistants including, Staff Grade Haematology - Dr. Sadon Hassan and a rotational Specialist Registrar Haematology post.

Haematology has two clinical nurse specialists:

Emma Beacham
Sarah Banks

Matron: Alison Drew

Nearby facilities

There is a Macmillan Cancer Information Centre in the reception area as well as a WRVS Tea Bar.

Nearest Refreshment Point: WRVS Tea Bar in BCC reception.

ATM machine: Opposite the reception desk on level 2 in the Main Entrance Block.





Useful contacts

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0118 322 6632 


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