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Dolphin and Lion Ward


Lion and Dolphin Ward is a place where babies, children and teenagers come if they need to have special medicine, have broken bones, or are going to have an operation. A ward is where there are several beds next to each other in one big room of a hospital. You may stay overnight, or for longer.

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What should I bring?

red book

If you are under five years old, please bring your Red Book with you.


You may need to bring clothes for the daytime, and some clothes for the night time.


You may need to bring things with you that you use lots at home, like a toothbrush.


You may want to bring a favourite toy, book, or game.


You may want to bring some snacks or drinks, especially if you have a special diet.


If you usually take medicine, you should bring this too.


If you usually wear a hearing aid, or glasses, you should bring these too.


What is it like?

Your Mum, Dad or someone who looks after you can stay with you if you want them to, and when you arrive you will meet the doctors and nurses who will be looking after you.
Some people like to be in wards that are mixed with both boys and girls. If you do not want to be on a mixed ward, please ask a nurse who will do their very best to sort this out for you.

You can have fun by painting, crafting, drawing, designing and writing things for our picture boards.
You can watch television, a film, or join in with games.
We also have lots of toys, books and games on the ward, but you may wish to bring something with you too. There is a television to watch, as well as lots of DVDs.
If you are going to be with us for a while, there is a school on our ward where you can do your lessons, as well as use our computers and board games.

If would like to tell us what it was like for you on Dolphin ward, you could write to us.

Maybe your Mum, Dad or whoever looks after you could help you fill in one of these feedback surveys.


Meet the friendly staff

Hello my name is Sue and I'm a Matron


Hello my name is Annette and I'm a Ward Sister




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