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Dingley Children's Centre


Dingley is a special centre where babies, children and teenagers come to get help with talking, walking, learning or eating.

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What should I bring?

red book

If you are under five years old please bring your Red Book with you.


You may want to bring a favourite toy, book,  or game.


You may want to bring some snacks or drinks, especially if you have a special diet.


If you usually take medicine you should bring this too.

Audiology iFit 71 Hearing Aid

If you usually wear a hearing aid or glasses you should bring this too.


What is it like?

  • Dingley is a bright, colourful place with lots of toys and books
  • There are lots of different people there, and sometimes you may see more than one person on your visit
  • There are doctors, nurses, speech and language therapists, audiologists and play leaders

Useful contacts

Dingley Specialist Children's Centre
3-5 Craven Road

0118 322 5213


    Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust,
    London Road,
    RG1 5AN
    Email us
    Tel: 0118 322 5111