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Consultant Midwives

Hello!  We are Christine Harding and Louise Perkins, and we are the Consultant Midwives at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

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This means we are senior midwives with responsibility for clinical leadership of the midwifery services at the Trust. This can involve developing and improving the services which we offer and ensuring midwifery practice is up to date and evidence based, to help make sure that every woman and family can be supported to achieve their best birth possible. We have a role in education and training for maternity staff. We also contribute to the direction of maternity care in the UK at both a regional and national level.

Some of the projects we are currently involved in leading include:

  • Developing a personalised Caesarean Section pathway

  • Improving the experience of women having an Induction of Labour

  • Promoting the use of the birth pool for labour and birth

  • Scoping the development of a Birth Reflections service

  • Promoting antenatal hand expression in pregnancy

  • Supporting optimal physiology of labour and birth

We run specialist clinics for women with complex needs or preferences around their birth choices. If your community midwife feels that you would benefit from additional support in planning for your care during pregnancy and birth, she can refer you to see one of us.

Consultant Midwives

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