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Breast Screening

Breast Screening means looking for early signs of a breast cancer in healthy women who have no symptoms. Screening for cancer aims to find cancers as early as possible before they cause symptoms. i.e. a lump in the breast.

Breast Screening

West Berkshire Breast Screening Programme has now resumed. We will be inviting ladies who are due appointments in due course.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to accept self-referrals.

The UK Breast Screening service programme uses mammograms, which are specialized x-rays of the breast, to screen for breast cancer in women. 

Breast screening is currently offered at 3-yearly intervals to women aged from 50 up to their 71st birthday in England. 

Currently there is a trial to examine the effectiveness of offering some women one extra screen from 47 up to their 50th birthday and one from 71 to 73.  Women over the age of 71 who are not invited for screening as part of the trial are welcome to contact the Breast Screening Unit for an appointment.

Women will first be invited for screening within the 3 years after their 50th birthday, although in some areas they will be invited from the age of 47 as part of the age extension trial.

Women may be eligible for breast screening before the age of 50, and/or at different screening intervals, if they have a very high risk of developing breast cancer.

After a mammogram women who have any changes or something unusual on the mammogram are called back for further investigations.

At present West Berkshire Breast Screening Unit invites approximately 85,000 women over the three year period.


The main benefits of breast screening are that:

  • Cancers found at an early stage have a better survival rate 
  • Breast screening saves an estimated 1,400 lives per year in the UK

If you do find any change in how your breasts look and feel, visit your GP.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

If there are any further questions concerning the breast screening service or assessment clinic please contact the clinical nurse specialist Carolyn Denham on 0118 3228563.

Staff details

Clinical Director: Elizabeth Cave
Consultant Radiologists: Marjon Bell, Elizabeth Cave, Jane Moloney
Clinical Nurse Specialist: Carolyn Denham
Admin Manager: Lisa Whiteley

Mobile units

The two mobile units travel to 12 sites throughout the West Berkshire area.

- Chieveley Village Hall 
- Goring Surgery
- Hungerford Fire Station
- Lambourn Surgery
- Mortimer Surgery
- Pangbourne Surgery
- Sonning Common Surgery
- Swallowfield Surgery
- Townlands Hospital, Henley on Thames
- Twyford Surgery
- West Berkshire Community Hospital
- Wokingham Hospital


Useful contacts

West Berkshire Breast Screening Service
21a Craven Road
Reading RG1 5LE

0118 322 8282 (general enquiry or appointment change)

0118 322 8563
Clinical Nurse Specialist


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    London Road,
    RG1 5AN
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