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Adult services

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Our adult service offers hearing assessment and rehabilitation of hearing loss including counselling, fitting and programming of hearing aids and advice on their use and management. We have a highly qualified and experienced team and offer a range of different hearing aids and clinics for more specialist needs. 

To be referred to any of our services, ask your GP or hospital doctor for more information.  For a list of our service locations click here

Hearing assessment

An audiologist will discuss any problems you are having with your hearing before examining your ears and performing tests. The audiologist will work with you to create an individual management plan, explaining the options that are available to you.

Your hearing assessment leaflet (English)  

तपाईँको श्रवण परीक्षण (सुनेर परीक्षण) (Nepali)

Hearing aid fitting

What will happen when I come for my hearing aid fitting?

At the start of your appointment the audiologist will check your ears for wax and then check the fit of your earmould and hearing aid. At this stage your hearing aid is only partially programmed and so it will be necessary for him or her to carry out some tests (Real Ear Measurements) to program the hearing aid.

At your fitting appointment the following will be covered:

  • Your aid will be programmed to a prescription for your hearing loss.
  • We will discuss the program options for your hearing aid (if these are available on your chosen aid)
  • We will ensure that you can work your hearing aid
  • We will advise you about care and maintenance of your hearing aid
  • We will agree a program of acclimatisation to your hearing aid.


Will I be given a follow up appointment?

It is important that we ensure that you are managing with your new hearing aid and resolve any problems that you are may have. We offer several follow up options to suit individuals. You may be given a face to face appointment for hearing aid follow up after your fitting. However, in some cases we will not make an appointment but tell you to contact us if you require assistance. If you are experiencing difficulties with your hearing aid and have not been made a follow-up appointment you may contact us within 6 months of your fitting to book a follow up.


What happens after the follow-up appointment?

If you are managing with your hearing aid and not experiencing any further problems you will be discharged after your hearing aid follow up. You will be able to attend the hearing drop in clinic for routine maintenance. Click here for more information.

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