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Hunter and Lister Wards

Hunter Ward is a 19 bed general surgical ward treating upper and lower gastro-intestinal conditions. Patients are admitted via the elective and emergency route. There is also a 5 bed Surgical Assessment Unit attached to the ward.The ward has 2 bays of 6 beds, 1 bay of 4 beds and there are 3 side rooms that are allocated on an individual basis.

Lister Ward is a 24 bed ward treating upper and lower gastro-intestinal conditions. Patients are admitted via the elective and emergency route. The ward has 2 bays of 6 beds and a bay of 9 beds. It also has 3 side rooms where patients are allocated on a individual basis.

How to get here

The nearest car park is the multi-storey car park in Craven Road.

On level 2 go through the Main Entrance and take a left into Centre Block at the welcome desk. Continue up the corridor to South Block. Hunter & Lister Wards are on level 3. Use the lift or stairs behind the League of Friends tea bar.

Drop-off points only are available in the South Block car park, off Redlands Road.

Staff details

Ward Manager: Claire Thatcher


Visiting hours: Open visiting (you may be asked to leave the bedside while clinical tasks are being carried out)

Number of visitors: 2 per bedside. Children are permitted, but parents are asked to ensure that they stay quietly near the patient they are visiting.

Any other information

Telephones: Each bed is equipped with a Hospedia unit which provides individual telephone, television and radio services. 

There is a charge for this service, and cards can be bought from vending machines around the hospital, although the radio is free of charge.

Mobile phones: Yes, but please keep them on silent / vibrate modes and be sensitive to others around you.

Flowers: No

What should I bring?

Storage space by the bedsides is limited, but you will need to bring the following:

  • All current medicines in original pharmacy boxes, with labels
  • Comfortable day clothing and slippers/ shoes to wear after your operation
  • Toiletries
  • Glasses, dentures, hearing aids

Arranging transport

If rehabilitation is necessary, we aim to transfer you to a community hospital near to your home. However, please bear in mind that bed numbers in these hospitals are very restricted.

Whilst we would arrange transport for you to transfer to another hospital,  you will need to arrange for someone to collect you when you are going home.


Refreshments are available at the:

  • convenience store (near Main Entrance)
  • coffee bar (Main Entrance)
  • restaurant (Level 1, South Block)
  • League of Friends shop & tea bar (Maternity Block)

Newspapers, sweets, toiletries etc are available daily from the mobile League of Friends trolley.

Useful contacts

Hunter & Lister Wards
Level 3
South Block
Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
Craven Road
Reading RG1 5AN

Hunter 0118 322 7535
Lister 0118 322 7539


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    London Road,
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