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Research and Development (R&D)

Members of the Research Team on International Clinical Trials Day  2018

Here at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, we are continually striving to better the health and wellness of our nation through research.


Research helps save lives and evidence shows that research active organisations have better patient outcomes, compared to those which are not research active.

“Organisations in which the research function is fully integrated into the organisational structure can out-perform other organisations that pay less heed to research and its outputs” (Boaz et al, 2015)                                                       - 'Research Active Trusts had lower risk-adjusted mortality for acute admissions, which persisted after adjustment for staffing and other structural factors” (Ozdemir et al, 2015)


Our mission - Our mission is to work in partnership to develop a sound Research and Development culture whereby researchers feel supported within our organisation which has seamless links across all departments along with Ethics Committees, Universities and Industry. 

We aim to be recognised for quality research which contributes to excellent patient care and improving professional development, whilst attracting funding of the highest level and clinicians or researchers of the highest calibre. 

Our plan - to consistently deliver quality research care, maintain our position as one of the top 5 highest recruiting DGH (district general hospitals) in England and to build a sound reputation amongst internal and external stakeholders for accessibility and quality of service for conducting research.

 You can read the Research and Development Strategy which is posted on these pages on the right hand bar.


The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust is part of the Thames Valley and South Midlands (TVSM) Clinical Research Network (CRN). You can find out more about our clinical research network on the NHS National Institute for Health Research website.


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