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RBH car parking

As the Royal Berkshire Hospital steps up its work to re-introduce services put on hold during Covid, it will be re-starting the barrier system at the multi storey car park next week.

During the pandemic the barriers were lifted to provide parking for staff to make it easier and quicker for them to get to hospital for their long and stressful shifts caring for Covid patients.

Now the hospital is almost Covid free, a wide range of clinics and operations are starting to take place again which means more people using the car park. Staff have reverted back to their normal travel to work arrangements to free up parking space for patients.

People are being reminded they will need to wear masks or face coverings during their visits and must abide by the social distancing rules. There are now helpful posters and floor markings to make it easier and safer for people to get around the RBH site.

Steve McManus, Chief Executive of the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, said: “it’s great that now we’re almost Covid free we can resume many of our services on site, and I’d like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding when we had to pause a lot of this work to concentrate on Covid.

“It’s very important as we resume services that people attend for their treatments. I can assure them we have done everything possible to make the hospital a safe and welcoming place. Of course, this will mean extra footfall on the site and more need for the car parking facility. We just want to make people aware that from 13 July the barrier will be back in place.

“I know some people allow a lot of extra time to get to their appointment because of problems with finding a parking space, but we’re asking them not to do this because, under the new social distancing rules, they will not be able to come on site until their allotted appointment time,” he added.

“During Covid many of our clinics were held virtually with patients and clinicians communicating via video link or over the phone. This proved popular with many patients who appreciate the convenience of discussing their treatment this way. We’re continuing this with many clinics, and widening its scope which should help ease pressure on our car parking,” said Steve.

“And we’re also continuing with our estate redevelopment programme which should also help tackle the parking problems here,” he added.


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