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Visitor Information

What to expect when visiting a patient at the Royal Berkshire Hospital:

  • Two visitors per patient.
  • Two hours per day.
  • Please arrange this with the ward.
  • Familiar carers/supporters/personal assistants will not count as an additional visitor (only two visitors per bed space to prevent overcrowding).
  • Do not visit if you are unwell, including having any symptoms of Coronavirus (cold symptoms, high temperature, new continuous cough, loss of taste and smell, vomiting and diarrhoea).
  • All visitors, including parents and guardians, must wear a surgical face mask when moving around the hospital unless medically exempt. If parents are with their child or young person in a side room, face masks can be removed.
  • Patients may be accompanied where appropriate and necessary, in order to assist their communication and / or meet their health, care, emotional, religious, or spiritual care needs. This also applies in both Outpatient and Emergency areas.
  • Please do not bring any unnecessary belongings with you.
  • On arrival, press the buzzer and follow any instructions given at the door.
  • We encourage all visitors to carry out a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) at home each time before visiting. These can be ordered online or collected from a local pharmacy. If positive, please do not visit. You may be asked to show proof of a negative test result before entering a clinical area. 
  • It is good practice to remove any outerwear, roll up your sleeves and clean your hands before and after you see the patient. Do not remove your mask during the visit. 
  • You may be asked to leave the bedside if staff need to give medical or nursing attention.
  • If you are helping to deliver care to the patient, you may be asked to wear an apron and gloves, and we will advise you to wash your hands with soap and water afterwards.
  • Please stay in touch with the patient by smart device/mobile. There are iPads on the ward so other family or friends can safely communicate with the patient via video/social media.
  • If you need support or advice, please contact the PALS Team, Monday to Friday (9am - 4pm) via 0118 322 8338. 

Ward Information

For specific visitor information for different departments and wards, please visit our Ward Catalogue

Maternity Information

What to expect when supporting a woman during induction of labour, labour, elective (planned) Caesarean section, and on the antenatal and postnatal wards.

  • Lateral Flow Tests are not required before attending; however, if you are able to access and perform a test, we strongly recommend this to help keep families and staff safe.
  • Only one supporter can accompany a woman either in Antenatal Clinic, Ultrasound Department, Day Assessment Unit or for a Caesarean section. Masks should be worn at all times.
  • Two birth supporters can attend during labour on Delivery Suite or the Rushey Birth Centre. If your birth supporter has Covid when you are in labour or attending your baby’s birth, please consider if there is another person you could ask to attend instead (as we would request if they developed Norovirus or another infectious illness).
    If this is not possible, a Covid-positive birth partner MUST wear an FFP3 mask at all times during the birth – we will provide these. They will also need to remain entirely in the private birth room. In order to keep other women and babies safe, Covid-positive people will not be able to attend the Level 4 wards (antenatal or postnatal).
    If a woman has Covid during labour or attending for baby’s birth, her birth partner can still attend and should wear an FFP3 mask.
  • Please bring all necessary belongings with you into hospital for mother and baby to avoid unnecessary trips into hospital for the birth supporter.
  • Supporters must wear a face covering / mask and use hand sanitiser. Please wash your hands with soap and water regularly during your stay.
  • Only leave the Induction of Labour room, birthing room or recovery area if essential. The supporter should bring any food or drink for themselves, plus any food or drink the woman may wish for, in addition to hospital meals.
  • There are still some visiting restrictions on the Level 4 wards.
    On the Level 4 wards (antenatal or postnatal wards), one single named supporter can be with the woman from 8.30am to 8.30pm. A second additional supporter can visit between 4pm and 6pm.
    Siblings are welcome to attend but must be supervised at all times please.
    Children are not required to wear face masks unless they choose to do so.
    If the supporter is Covid-positive, they will NOT be able to visit the ward.
    • All supporters must wear a face mask / covering and use hand gel.
    • If a supporter has tested negative for Covid but is showing symptoms ( we will provide an FFP3 mask to wear while on the wards.
    • Staff reserve the right to ask supporters to leave if they are unable to comply with the above.
  • The healthcare staff will be wearing protective equipment, such as face masks, aprons, gloves and visors. Please work with the healthcare staff to maintain social distancing, whenever possible.

Please speak to the midwife in charge for further information

Sending messages to patients

If you can't be with a friend or loved one being care for in hospital then you able to write a message which will be delivered to the patient. Please write a message and send it to and our PALs team will deliver it for you. 

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