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Organ and Tissue Donation

Remember it is important to discuss your wishes to be a donor with your family and friends as organ and tissue donation will be discussed with them in the event of your death.

What organs can be donated? Kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, pancreas and the small bowel can be donated.

What tissues can be donated? Heart valves, eyes, bone, skin, and tendons can be donated.

Organ and tissue donation at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

Organ and tissue donation is an end of life care choice and therefore options should be explored and patient wishes respected. Patients and relatives should expect to be asked about donation as part of routine care here at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Specialist Nurse, Organ Donation: Rory Collier - 

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust has established an Organ and Tissue Donation Committee which aims to assess, optimise and streamline organ donation within the Trust.

The aim is to make organ and or tissue donation a part of end of life care. The membership of the committee is made up of representatives of staff from within the Trust and members of the public.

If you believe in organ donation, register now.

NHS organ donation website.

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