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Shared decision making

What is Shared Decision Making?

Shared Decision Making (SDM) is the conversation that happens between a patient and their health professional to reach a healthcare choice together. This conversation needs patients and professionals to understand what is important to the other person when choosing a treatment.


What is a Patient Decision Aid?

Patient Decision Aids (PDAs) are specially designed information resources that help patients make decisions about difficult healthcare options for a wide range of conditions.


How do patients use the PDAs?

Patients don’t need to be referred to a PDA by a healthcare professional. They can simply go to http:// to access the PDAs, which are also available as mobile Apps.


How do healthcare professionals use the PDAs?

Shared Decision Making Sheets (SDMS) are shorter and printed versions of the PDAs for health professionals to use with patients in consultations when making a treatment decision for a given health problem. They are designed to facilitate a conversation about treatment options, between people with different types of expertise.


How much does Shared Decision Making cost?

Nothing! All the PDAs have been written and are now available on the NHS in a wide variety of formats for patients and healthcare professionals.


More information

To find out more visit:

Shared Decision Making | Centre for Perioperative Care ( 


Leaflets to download:

Shared Decision Making booklet from Totally Health

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