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Refreshment areas

Catering and refereshments

The facilities mentioned below are open to staff, visitors and patients.

Level 1 Main Entrance, Craven Road

  • AMT coffee cart
    Mon – Fri (6am-6.30pm)
    Sat (9am-6pm), Sun (9am-5pm)

Level 2 Main Entrance, Craven Road

  • M&S Simply Food
    Mon – Fri (7am-8pm)
    Sat (8am - 8pm), Sun (10am-6pm)
  • Pumpkin café
    Mon – Fri (7am-5.30pm)
    Sat (10am-5pm)
  • Whistlestop Convenience stores
    Mon – Fri (7am-8pm)
    Sat & Sun (9am-4pm)  

Level 2 Maternity Block

  • League of Friends convenience store & café
    Mon – Fri (8am-5pm)
    Sat & Sun (10am-4pm)

Level 1 South Block

  • The Eating Hub (Trust restaurant) 
    Mon – Fri ( 7am-11am, 12noon-2pm, 4.30pm-7.30pm)
  • Deli-ghts (Trust café)
    Mon – Fri (11am-4pm)

Level 2 South Block

  • Jamaica Blue Coffee Shop

    Mon – Fri (6:30am – 7pm)
    Sat (9am – 4pm)
    Sun (9am – 3pm)

Level 2 North Block

  • Cancer Centre RVS Coffee Bar
    Mon – Thurs (9am-2.30pm)
    Fri (9am-2pm)

Level 2, Conservatory, Battle Block

  • Friends Coffee House 
    Mon – Fri (7.30am – 5pm)

    Sat and Sun (1.00pm – 5.00pm)

There are also vending machines serving hot and cold drinks and snacks, located around the hospital site (A&E, near the Welcome Desk, Level 2 Battle Block and Level 2 Maternity Block).


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