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Patient Portals

My RBH Health

As part of our ongoing focus on improving the patient experience, we have launched our new online patient portal for MyRBH Health which will work alongside DrDoctor.

The patient portal will be available to all patients over 18, allowing them to view appointments, letters, health data and some test results online.

It will provide users of some specialties the ability to amend and cancel appointments online, and complete online questionnaires at home, saving time spent in the clinic. This service will be offered to more patients in the coming months. 

Patients will also be able to provide key information ahead of their appointment helping us to better prepare for your appointment. This information could even result in the need for fewer hospital visits.

More information about MyRBH Health portal and how it works with DrDoctor

Appointment Management Service with DrDoctor

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with DrDoctor to provide outpatients with an appointment reminder and rebooking service via text message, email and online.

Outpatients will receive reminders by text message and can manage their appointments online by following the link in the text messages or visiting

More information about this service can be found here.

Online Video Consultations with DrDoctor

Video consultations are an easy way for you to have your appointment with the care team, without the need for you to travel to the hospital. This can save you time, money, and the difficulty of getting to the hospital.

We have partnered with DrDoctor to deliver this service to you. Find out more here

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