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Private patients

When deciding to have a procedure at the Royal Berkshire privately, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible care delivered by outstanding staff.  

overseas and private patients

Although we do treat private patients, the Royal Berkshire does not currently have a designated private patient unit.  We make every effort to provide a side room for private patients, but we cannot guarantee this. 

So what are you paying for? 

We see patients that cannot be seen in a private facility.  This could be due to complex medical needs or the necessity for more intensive care to be provided.. You should be seen in a time frame that is suitable for you.  If you have any concerns please contact the Paying Patients Office.  The office is manned between 08:00 and 17:30 hours Monday to Friday.

Currently we see patients in the following areas;

General Surgery
General Surgery
Nuclear medicine (Medical physics)

We also work with private hospitals in the surrounding areas, private chambers and practices.

Usually a GP will refer you to a consultant and he or she may wish to see you here at the Royal Berkshire or in their private practice.  If you need to be seen here, we expect a booking form to come via the consultant’s private secretary.  Once we have the booking form, we will set up a contract and send you a letter enclosing two copies of your contract (one for you to keep). 

If you are a day case or inpatient, we also send a notice about sharing your information with a PHIN sheet (this is a Competitions and Marketing Authority exercise, in which the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) collect data on our patients that are paying for private treatment.  If you would rather not share your data, please do not sign the PHIN agreement.

We welcome feedback as this helps us to better understand the needs of our patients and continually improve the care we provide.  We would be grateful if you would complete and return the Friends and Family questionnaire which is also enclosed.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a referral from a healthcare professional?
Yes. You would need a referral from either your GP or another healthcare professional you have seen privately.

If I pay for private treatment, how will my NHS care be affected?
You will still be entitled to free NHS care (link to CR private and NHS care info?

Will I have to pay the bill?
Yes, if you are a self-funding patient, and payment is required in advance (link to payment methods?
No, if you have Private Health Insurance the invoice is sent to your insurer, with whom you will be liaising. You will need to provide Membership and Authorisation codes in advance.

Can I have a private room?
We will do our best to accommodate your needs with a side room, if there is one available.

Is there a cost to claiming back benefits from insurers?
Yes. The cost is £25 for one of our team to complete your form to the insurance providers’ satisfaction for you to claim back benefits.

Useful Contacts

Private Patients:

Terri Holloway
Private Patients and Overseas Visitors Service Manager
0118 322 6833

Chris Rutherford
Private Patients Liaison Officer
0118 322 7820

Steve Archer
Private Patients Liaison Officer
0118 322 8654


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