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My RBH Health

Manage your Hospital Record online

As part of our ongoing focus to improve patient experience, we provide Patient Portal: a secure online service allowing you to view and update your hospital medical record online.

You can provide key information ahead of your appointment, helping us to better prepare for your appointment. In some instances, this information may even result in the need for less hospital visits.

You will be able to access the new portal by following a self-enrolment link sent to you by text message with your new appointments.

What will I be able to do

  • Complete online health questionnaires before you attend Maternity, Pre-operative and Gastro-enterology appointments
  • View upcoming appointment times and locations.
  • For ENT and Rheumatology specialties, amend and cancel appointments online. More specialties will offer this service in the coming months
  • View some lab results, home medications, discharge summaries and other key clinical information from your hospital medical record.
  • Update key clinical information such as allergies and home medications.
  • Receive emails from your care teams electronically through a secure messaging facility.

What do I need to do?

  • Make sure your e-mail address is securely updated through your RBHFT appointment reminder and rebooking service, Dr. Doctor. If you have done this previously either in hospital or through Dr. Doctor, then there is no need to do it again.
  • Enrol using your e-mail address to access your MyRBH Health account.

Tour of Patient Portal


Trevor’s story

Video: How Patient Portal is improving Trevor's care experience

Article: Connected data improving patients' experiences 

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust’s patient portal provide patients with a digital view of their healthcare record held by The Royal Berkshire Hospital. MY RBH Health enables you to view your recent test results, upcoming and past appointments, clinical correspondence, update relevant health and information and to receive communication from clinicians via a secure messaging function.

DrDoctor will still be available, and the new portal will show all of your appointments and clinic letters, in the same way that DrDoctor does.

However, for some appointments you will be able to change your appointment online via the new portal, rather than contacting the admin teams at RBH. 

You will also be able to view your health metrics and some test results online.

You will be sent a text message with your next appointment which will provide a link to allow you to register for the portal.

It is a very quick process, and you will only need your date of birth, email address and UK mobile phone number.

There is a short video above which shows you how the registration process works.

All patients of the Royal Berkshire NHS Trust will be invited to register for the portal with on receipt of their next appointment text message, if they are over 18 years of age.

Only patients of Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Trust who receive an invitation to register for the patient portal will be able to do so. It will not be possible for anyone to register family members on their behalf at this time. All patients who register will be required to verify their identity. Therefore, the registration process will need to be completed by the person intending to register. It is important that we take these steps to ensure that the correct person and health record are linked together.

The patient portal is built using security systems similar to internet banking. As long as you keep your log-in details secure, the information is safe. Log-out every time you leave the patient portal and store your log-in information securely. As with internet banking, we advise you to use a unique password for your patient portal account in line with best practice security measures.

If you don’t sign up to the portal, you will still receive text notifications and reminders of upcoming appointments, clinic and appointments letters, and you will be able to continue to use DrDoctor and the NHS App in the same way as you currently do. 

However, you won’t be able to manage your appointments online, see your letters and health data in the portal or complete online questionnaires.

You can elect to opt out of the portal at any time, and then you will be removed from all communications via the portal – all emails and text messages coming from the new patient portal will be stopped.

However, you will still receive text notifications from the DrDoctor portal for most of your appointments and hospital communications.

If you can’t change your appointment, it maybe because your appointment is not with one of the specialties that is using the new online appointment management facility, or it may be because you have tried to reschedule more times than the online process allows.

Please phone the hospital, or use the DrDoctor text message link to request a change to your appointment with the staff at the hospital.

If you reschedule your appointment and you need transport or an interpreter, you will need to contact the hospital to ask them to set that up for you on your new appointment date.

The documents and test results you will see have been produced by clinicians and used to communicate with your GP and/or other health professionals. Because of this, they contain necessary medical terminology.

There is also a button on the results screen of the portal, labelled “Learn More” which will give you information about what each result means. 

At this stage you can only see information from your medical records at Royal Berkshire Hospital. Your GP record is on a different system and therefore will not show in the patient portal.

The portal is your record. GPs will not be able to see what is included in your Royal Berkshire Hospital patient portal. However, you will be able to show them the information if you choose to. Clinicians involved in your care at Royal Berkshire Hospital will be able to see the same information within your record but will only access this through the hospital record system when they are actively caring for you. A clinician will never access your patient portal.

We hope that having access to your record will support you to manage your healthcare needs. It is your record, so you can use it as little or as much as you find helpful to monitor and manage your condition. We will include useful information about the hospital, national healthcare campaigns and communicate with you via your portal, so it may be beneficial to check it regularly.

If you believe the error relates to something important, then please contact clinical care team. If the error is not critical then please raise this next time you are visiting the hospital, so that your clinician can correct this during your appointment with them.

At this stage the portal will not replace written communication. However, as we develop the patient portal, we will aim to send most communications electronically. We will of course take your preference into account and you will still be able to receive paper copies of correspondence should you wish to.

If you have technical problems using the portal, please contact 

If you are uncomfortable using the portal, and would like someone to help you through it, at your appointment ask a member of staff to help. 

There are some short videos above to show you how to use the portal.

If you update your email address, or any information requested via an online questionnaire that is in the new portal, that information will update your medical record. 

However, as your mobile phone number is used to verify your identity in the portal, you will need to contact the hospital to change it.

While we move over to the new portal, DrDoctor will still be used for the whole Trust, so for a while you will get appointment notifications from both systems.

Please bear with us.

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