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My RBH Health (patient portal)

Manage your Hospital Record online

As part of ongoing focus on improving the patient experience Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust (RBHFT) is providing MyRBH Health; a service allowing you to view and update your hospital medical record online. 

Patients will be able to provide key information ahead of their appointment helping us to better prepare for your appointment. In some instances, this information may even result in the need for less hospital visits.

What will I be able to do

  • View lab results, home medications, discharge summaries and other key clinical information from their hospital medical record
  • Respond to clinical questionnaires sent by their care team
  • Update key clinical information such as allergies and home medications
  • Correspond with their care teams electronically through a secure messaging facility
  • View upcoming appointments and their location
  • Make sure your e-mail address is securely updated through your RBHFT appointment reminder and rebooking service, Dr. Doctor https://nhs.my/royalberkshire. If you have done this previously either in hospital or through Dr. Doctor, then there is no need to do it again.
  • Enrol using your e-mail address to access your MyRBH Health account. https://royalberkshirestaging.patientportal.eu.healtheintent.com/self-enroll/

What do I need to do?

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Article: https://www.cerner.com/gb/en/blog/connected-data-improving-patients-experiences


What is Patient Portal?

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust’s patient portal provide patients with a digital view of their healthcare record held by The Royal Berkshire Hospital. MY RBH Health enables you to view your recent test results, upcoming and past appointments, clinical correspondence, update relevant health and information and to receive communication from clinicians via a secure messaging function. 

Who can register for Patient Portal?

We will start by offering registration to all our patients who will need surgery over the coming months at Royal Berkshire Hospital. We will then offer registration to our patients using Maternity services towards the end of 2020. Once we have gathered and assessed staff and patient feedback about the patient portal in these two areas, we plan to launch more fully and actively recruit more patients.

Can I register members of my family?

Only patients of Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Trust who receive an invitation to register for the patient portal will be able to do so. It will not be possible for anyone to register family members on their behalf at this time. All patients who register will be required to verify their identity. Therefore, the registration process will need to be completed by the person intending to register. It is important that we take these steps to ensure that the correct person and health record are linked together.

How can I be sure my information is safe on the Patient Portal?

The patient portal is built using security systems similar to internet banking. As long as you keep your log-in details secure, the information is safe. Log-out every time you leave the patient portal and store your log-in information securely. As with internet banking, we advise you to use a unique password for your patient portal account in line with best practice security measures. 

I am not a clinician – how will I know what my results and information means?

The documents and test results you will see have been produced by clinicians and used to communicate with your GP and/or other health professionals. Because of this, they contain necessary medical terminology. If you do not understand some of the terms, we recommend you raise this with the next health professional you see. There is also a useful website that provides information in plain English on what various tests are for, and what the results indicate, which you may find helpful. This can be accessed here: https://labtestsonline.org.uk/

Will I be able to see my GP records through the site?

At this stage you can only see information from your medical records at Royal Berkshire Hospital. Your GP record is on a different system and therefore will not show in the patient portal.

Will my clinician or GP be able to see what information is included?

The portal is your record. GPs will not be able to see what is included in your Royal Berkshire Hospital patient portal. However, you will be able to show them the information if you choose to. Clinicians involved in your care at Royal Berkshire Hospital will be able to see the same information within your record but will only access this through the hospital record system when they are actively caring for you. A clinician will never access your patient portal.

How often should I log onto the Patient Portal?

We hope that having access to your record will support you to manage your healthcare needs. It is your record, so you can use it as little or as much as you find helpful to monitor and manage your condition. We will include useful information about the hospital, national healthcare campaigns and communicate with you via your portal, so it may be beneficial to check it regularly.

What should I do if I spot information that is not correct?

If you believe the error relates to something important, then please contact clinical care team. If the error is not critical then please raise this next time you are visiting the hospital, so that your clinician can correct this during your appointment with them.

Will information and letters still be posted to me?

At this stage the portal will not replace written communication. However, as we develop the patient portal, we will aim to send most communications electronically. We will of course take your preference into account and you will still be able to receive paper copies of correspondence should you wish to.

If I update my personal information on the portal, will it update my hospital record?

We will from time to time request that you complete relevant health questionnaires via patient portal. Information entered in these questionnaires will go directly into your healthcare record. Any alterations made to your personal information (such as change of address) will not be pulled through to your hospital record. If your details have changed, please contact your GP practice.


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