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Please contact the Directorate Manager for specialist surgery Coralie.Duff@royalberkshire.nhs.uk or a member of the clinical admin team (CAT 5) by telephoning 0118 322 7415 or email to rbb-tr.CAT5@nhs.net if you have any questions or concerns about our orthopaedic services. 

Primary Hip Joint Replacement Referral Form

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Orthopaedic outpatient services by location

 Royal Berkshire Hospital

Specialist Deformity Correction Clinic; Specialist Foot & Ankle Clinic; Specialist Hand and Wrist Clinic; Specialist Hip Clinic; Specialist Knee Clinic; Specialist Knee Injury Clinic; Specialist Knee (Under 40) Clinic; Specialist Non Acute Fracture & Trauma Clinic; Specialist Primary Hip Arthroplasty Clinic; Specialist Primary Knee Arthroplasty Clinic; Specialist Shoulder & Elbow Clinic; Specialist Young Adult Hip Clinic

Bracknell Healthspace

Specialist Hip Clinic;  Specialist Knee Clinic; Specialist Shoulder & Elbow Clinic; Specialist Young Adult Hip Clinic; Specialist Foot & Ankle Clinic

West Berkshire Community Hospital

Specialist Foot & Ankle Clinic; Specialist Hand and Wrist Clinic;  Specialist Hip Clinic; Specialist Knee Clinic; Specialist Knee Injury Clinic; Specialist Knee (Under 40) Clinic;  Specialist Primary Hip Arthroplasty Clinic; Specialist Primary Knee Arthroplasty Clinic; Specialist Young Adult Hip Clinic

Townlands Memorial Hospital

Specialist Hand and Wrist Clinic; Specialist Hip Clinic; Specialist Knee Clinic; Specialist Shoulder & Elbow Clinic  

 Orthopaedic daycase and inpatient services

Day case surgery is carried out at either the Royal Berkshire Hospital or West Berkshire Community Hospital.

Major inpatient elective surgery is performed at the Royal Berkshire Hospital on Redlands Elective Orthopaedic unit. Redlands comprises of four operating theatres, a six-bedded recovery ward and a 30-bed elective orthopaedic ward with seven four-bedded bays and two single rooms with en suite bathrooms. Patients can also use our amenities room which can be booked on the day of surgery. The self-contained unit means patients are no longer taken through other areas of the hospital between surgery and their recovery, dramatically reducing the risk of infection. The state-of-the-art theatres have windows offering natural light, a feature rarely found in other theatres across the country.

Orthopaedic consultants and special interests

  • Antonio (Tony) Andrade: Hip preservation surgery – including hip arthroscopy and open corrective osteotomy surgery (young adult hip problems); hip resurfacing, hip replacement and revision hip surgery. Knee arthroscopy, patellofemoral stabilisation procedures,  and knee replacement surgery
  • Chinnakonda Arvind:  Foot and ankle - All aspects of foot and ankle surgery - deformity correction, tendon and ligament repair/ reconstruction; management of arthritis including ankle replacement and sports injuries; Knee - All aspects of knee surgery – patellar realignment, arthroplasty (total & uni) - and sports injuries but excluding PCL Reconstruction; Hip – Primary Total hip replacement excluding resurfacing.
  • Christopher Brown: All aspects of spinal surgery. Accurate diagnosis; X-ray guided injections for neck, arm, low back, sacroiliac joint and leg pains. Vertebroplasty. Discectomy, decompression and fusion surgery. 
  • Neville Davies: Paediatric Orthopaedics. Adult knee surgery both soft tissue reconstruction and primary arthroplasty
  • Richard Dodds:  Adult knee surgery (primary and revision arthroplasty and soft tissue reconstruction) and Paediatric Orthopaedics 
  • Amr El Khouly: Locum Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
  • Sri Kodali:  Associate Specialist Hip and Knee/Foot and Ankle Surgeon
  • Andreas Leonidou:  Locum Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon
  • Ofer Levy: Shoulder and elbow surgery, degenerative conditions, impingement and rotator cuff problems, instability problems, Arthritis and shoulder and elbow joint replacement, arthroscopic complex shoulder injuries, sports surgery.shoulder & elbow surgery
  • Alan Macleod:  Primary hip arthroplasty; Knee surgery - primary knee arthroplasty, knee arthroscopy; Foot and ankle surgery; Reconstructive surgery - deformity correction and limb length inequalities; Trauma
  • Devendra Mahadevan:  Foot and ankle surgery – sports injuries, deformity, degenerative/ arthritic conditions, tendon or ligament pathology and trauma. Performs arthroscopic surgery, ligament / tendon reconstruction, osteotomies and arthrodesis
  • Amar Malhas: Shoulder and elbow surgeon treating all aspects of shoulder and elbow pathology (sports injuries; trauma and degenerative/arthritic conditions) and performs both arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement surgery. 
  • Andrew McAndrew:  Lead trauma surgeon introducing a limb reconstruction service to Reading. Management of fractures and their complications including non-union, deformity correction and osteomyelitis.
  • Claire Middleton:  Hand and wrist - Management of acute and chronic, elective and traumatic conditions that affect the hand and wrist
  • John Morley: Lower Limb Arthroplasty, Hip and Knee Revision Surgery and Orthopaedic Oncology
  • Sean O'Leary:  All aspects of knee surgery and sports knee injuries: Arthroscopic ligament (ACL) reconstruction, Joint replacement (total & partial) and realignment surgery (osteotomy).
  • Charles Pailthorpe: Management of acute and chronic, elective and traumatic conditions that affect the hand and wrist.
  • Thomas Pollard:  Hip arthroscopy (young adult hip problems), replacement and revision surgery. Knee arthroscopy, replacement and revision surgery. Complex hip and knee trauma and periprosthetic fractures
  • Rajib Pradhan:  Locum Consultant Hip and Knee/Foot and Ankle Surgeon
  • Zulfiquar Rahimtoola:  Hand, wrist and elbow.
  • Trichy Rajagopal:  Spinal surgery- Microdiscectomy, Lumbar Decompression and Fusion, Cervical Disc Replacement, Spinal Trauma, Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression, Vertebroplasty
  • Dan Rolton:  Spinal Surgeon. All aspects of adult spinal surgery including trauma, tumour, deformity, infection and degenerative conditions affecting the whole of the spine. Spinal nerve and joint injections. Discectomy, decompression and fusion surgery with open and minimally invasive techniques.
  • Shawn Tavares: Hip and knee surgery - resurfacings, revision hip and primary hip replacements; soft tissue knee surgery and knee replacements.
  • Edward Tayton:  Hip & Knee Surgery-Total Hip/Knee Replacements, Revision Total Hip/Knee Replacements, Uni-compartmental (partial) Knee Replacement, Patellar alignment, Knee arthroscopy. Complex hip/knee trauma and peri-prosthetic fracture treatment.

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