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Online system to help orthopeadic patients and doctors


The orthopaedic team at the RBFT has launched a new online questionnaire system, known as ‘myCORE’. All patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery are being encouraged to take part in the exciting new initiative that collects information to help the department measure and improve the quality of care patients receive.


myCORE asks patients questions about their health and quality of life before they have an operation, and about their health and the effectiveness of the procedure afterwards.


Mr Sean O’Leary, Orthopaedic Consultant and clinical lead for the project explained:  “myCORE provides an easy, safe and secure way for patients to feedback, at specific points in time, information about the effects of the treatment they have received on their quality of life. It enables the electronic collection of a set of simple lifestyle questions (Patient Reporting Outcome Measures - PROMs) which allow us to monitor the improvement in a patient’s symptoms and lifestyle.


“This information will help us to monitor their recovery and measure the quality of the clinical care they are receiving. The orthopaedic team is passionate about tracking patient’s progress and recovery following surgery, and the myCORE system will ensure that we are doing this, and providing the best possible outcomes for our patients.”


“By completing the questionnaires in myCORE, we can build up a picture of how patients feel while they are recovering from surgery. This helps ensure that all patients are getting the very best of care and helps us to measure our performance.  The team will be able to see where they are doing well and where they may need to improve, which has huge benefits for everyone involved.”

October 2016


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