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Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust Launches Green Plan

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust (RBFT) today launches its Green Plan and is encouraging their staff and patients to love their Trust and the planet this Valentine’s Day.  The Green Plan sets out how the Trust aims to reduce its carbon emissions to ‘net zero’ by 2040, and actions it will take to meet incremental sustainability goals over the next three years and beyond.

Mayor Rachel Eden was on hand to receive her copy and have a tour of Royal Berkshire Hospital to see some of the carbon saving projects already underway.

“The Royal Berkshire Hospital Trust is loved across Reading, and of course we have even more reason to be grateful to the staff of the NHS over the last couple of years.  Given all the pressure on them, it’s a wonderful that they are nevertheless rising to the challenge of becoming a net zero organisation.”

“Reading is known for being one of the leading communities globally in moving to a sustainable future, and it’s a privilege to help the Royal Berks launch their Green Plan.”

Graham Sims, Chair of the Council of Governors and Board of Directors at RBFT, said of the plans: “The effects of climate and ecological change are very likely to negatively affect the physical and mental health of the UK population. We recognise our responsibility to deliver our services in a sustainable way which meets the needs of the people who need our services today, while minimising harm to future generations. Our new Green Plan sets out how we are going to do this.

We believe that by focusing on hope and opportunities for change and recovery, in line with our Trust’s core values, together we can make a positive impact.”

The Plan includes key pledges for reducing impact on the environment in areas such as waste, travel and transport, medicines, anaesthetics and energy usage.  

The RBFT Green Plan is available to download from the website here.

A network of staff champions has been set up to spread the word and encourage colleagues to take action at home and at work.

Nicky Lloyd, Chief Finance Officer and Executive Board Lead of the Net Zero Steering Group said:

“We have already taken steps in recent years to reduce our waste and lower our emissions, and our Green Plan now clearly sets out our ambitious future goals for providing more sustainable care. We look forward to working together with all our staff, patients, suppliers, partners and communities to deliver the Trust’s Green Plan and making our contribution to long term environmental sustainability. We all have a part to play in this and it’s by working together that we’ll continue to deliver high-quality sustainable healthcare for our communities now and for future generations. We are hoping that the publicity generated by the launch of our Green Plan today will bring everyone’s ideas together so we can do more.”

Example steps the Trust has already taken towards greater sustainability include:

  • A desteaming project, across the entire Royal Berkshire hospital site, involved installing a low temperature hot water (LTHW) solution. This has maintained site resilience, improved boiler and heating system efficiencies. It has a predicted saving of 800 tonnes of carbon and 17,900m3 (17.9 million litres) of water per year.
  • The opening of the Cycle Village at Royal Berkshire Hospital. We continue to support our staff to make sustainable commuting a reality with a cycle to work scheme seeing exponential growth over the past two years and the opening of the Cycle village at Royal Berkshire Hospital which can hold 100 bikes and has showers and changing facilities for staff.
  • A fleet of 5 electric cars are available for staff on hospital business and further electric points will be installed in due course for patients and carers.
  • We have produced a Hybrid Working Policy where approximately 2,000 staff will be able to work remotely from home. This is approximately a third of our workforce.


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