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In loving memory: thank you donation to the Renal Research Fund

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In March 2013, Mr Charlie Forsey was admitted to the Royal Berkshire Hospital with vasculitis - a life threatening condition which causes inflammation of blood vessels, which can affect almost any part of the body and can lead to major organ failure and sometimes death. 


Renal Consultant, Dr Oliver Flossman had to deliver the sad news to Charles’ family that he was critically ill and he may not last the night.


However, following initial treatment Charlie stabilised and once feeling a little better was given information about a research study which could help manage his condition.  Charlie agreed to take part and responded well to treatment; as a result, he and his family, and the research team became very familiar over the next few years.


Dr Flossman explained: “One of the Trust’s main objectives is to have a research study available for every patient coming through its doors and if eligible, providing them with the opportunity to take part.   


“The Pexivas study was a large international trial that looked at the treatment of vasculitis. The body normally produces antibodies to fight off infection and disease, however, in vasculitis, the body makes antibodies that attack its own arteries.


“Charlie’s condition was very closely monitored by the research team, and once discharged from hospital on his steroids and immunosuppressants, he had weekly blood tests, which eventually became three monthly once his condition was stable enough.. Any abnormalities in Charlie’s blood test results were immediately identified and acted upon.


Charlie’s wife, Glenys said:  “Sadly, Charlie passed away last year and as a family we wanted to do something to thank the team. When he went in to hospital back in 2013 we thought we were going to lose him.  The care, treatment and support we all received was fantastic and we believe that we were able to enjoy three additional years with Charlie because of the research study and the great work of the team.


“We decided to request donations instead of flowers at the funeral in support of the Renal Research Fund, and thanks to the generosity of family and friends, we have been able to donate in the region of £1000. 


“Charlie was well known for his positive outlook and generous personality and would have wholeheartedly wanted to provide support for this research.”


Dr Flossman thanked Glenys, and daughters Nikki and Jayne: “It is always a pleasure to get to know the families, and on behalf of the team I would like to sincerely thank you for your very kind and generous donation.” 

April 2017


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