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Hospedia telephone and entertainment

Child with hospedia

In most RBH wards we have introduced Hospedia, the pay-as-you-go bedside entertainment, telephone and information system.

This technology allows patients to keep in touch with friends and relatives by 'phone and gives them access to a wide range of TV channels and movies. TV is free for children. See the latest costs at the Hospedia site.

Terminals above each bed allow a huge range of features including pay per view movies, games, talking books, and information about hospital services.

Patients or visitors can buy cards giving them access to these services from vending machines - there is one by the Welcomers desk on level 2. They can also call the operator direct, and pay for services using their credit/debit card. Relatives can call patients direct, with incoming calls paid for by callers, who dial the individual Hospedia extension set up for each patient.

The system has been designed to cater for those with special needs, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind or partially sighted, elderly, or have restricted movement. It also caters for those who do not have English as a first language.

Call costs

Calls are free to landlines when you buy any of the TV packages or 10p per minute to landlines without the TV package.

Calls to the bedside cost 39p per minute off-peak and 49p at all other times (off peak rates are 6pm - 8am Mon to Fri and all weekends, peak rates apply at other times).

Please note call charges to or from international destinations, mobiles and other networks may vary.

Useful numbers

To find the number of a patient:
0345 414 1234 (call charged at national rate).

To call a patient:
07046 29 0074 (wait for the recorded message and give the personal extension number for the patient).

Patient calls are charged at a higher rate than standard BT charges.

Useful contacts

0345 414 1234 (to find the number of a patient).

07046 29 0074 (to call a patient). 

0345 414 1234 Hospedia


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