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Health officials urge people to take sensible measures when having body piercings

Health officials today urged people to take sensible measures when having body piercings. It comes after a couple of serious cases of keloid were raised at a recent Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Committee.


Keloid is a raised scar which can occur after a piercing and which can sometimes lead to serious problems like limited movement if located on a  joint.


Research has shown people with dark skin, and those aged between 10 and 30 years are most prone to keloid problems, particularly with any procedure from chest level and above.


The condition can be painful and leave disfiguring scarring which need steroid injections, laser treatment or surgery. 

Among the cases being considered by the CCG, surgery had been unsuccessful in containing the condition and the scars had grown back.


Debbie Simmons, Director of Nursing from the CCG said: “given the fact that keloid cases are more common amongst younger people, some of them young children, we’d encourage people with the relevant skin type to think carefully before proceeding with piercings due to their increased risk of developing keloid’


“Keloid cases can be unpleasant and, as we’ve seen from a recent patient, surgery does not always permanently fix the problem. We’d certainly ask people not to do any piercings themselves and if they do go ahead, to seek the services of professional piercers.”


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